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  • Hi, for me this does not show form…
    Second problem is when I enable WooCommerce Pay to Upload for product, variants are reset, and I’ve to set this again…
    Any ideas ?
    BTW. How this works ? How can I add manually code for form ?

    Plugin Author Ashok G


    Can you give me the admin access for a demo environment of your site
    so that I can test with the configurations and can figure out the issues.

    Can I also ask for help?
    I really want to use this plugin but it’s not working in my site. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Ashok G


    can you give me the access

    can i send it to you via skype? thanks!

    Plugin Author Ashok G


    yes, you can add me via skype my id is phpkidindia

    Plugin Author Ashok G


    Dear Ria,

    I have made a test order for this plugin to work with in your website.

    You must enable pay to upload feature for each product for which this option is applicable.

    Then on the plugin settings please set the status for which user will not be able to upload the files.

    I mean Once the order reaches the selected status the buyer or user will not be able to upload the files.

    Then the file upload process.

    User must go to the view order page after they get logged in.

    Then select the particular order for which the user needs to upload the payment confirmation.

    They will find the file upload option there.


    Ashok G.

    Hi Ashok

    If there are multiple products in one order that each requires an upload does the plugin do anything to associate a file with a product?

    Much respect for fixing the plugin


    Plugin Author Ashok G


    If there are two products in cart and each require file upload after payment.

    Keep a scenario that you have maximum upload limit for each product as 2

    Then you will fine an option to upload 4 files in your view order page.

    This is the current option available.

    Your requirement is valid and I have been thinking of it.

    Thanks for your encouragement and support.

    Thanks Ashok G.

    Hi Ashok

    Thanks for the reply. I have set the plugin up and selected the required order statuses. However, it’s still allowing me to upload against cancelled orders.

    Do I need to go into the database to change these settings manually. There is not visual feedback to tell me what has or hasn’t been set.


    I have also noticed that it if you buy multiples of the same product. The plugin still considers this to be one product order.

    So if I have ‘productA’ x 3 in my basket, I checkout and go to veiw the order. I am limited to the default file upload amount. So using your example above I am only be able to upload 2 files and not 6.

    What would be great, is if the file upload option appeared after checkout on the order received page. Just an idea.

    I am happy that it works though – so thank you again.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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