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  • I am running WordPress 2.0.3. When using Firefox, everything works. However, when using IE to write a new post (and when editing an existing post) the file upload area does not appear, at all. So I cannot upload new files, nor access existing ones. Again, this works perfectly in Firefox on the same exact posts.

    I did create a custom theme for the public side of the site, but the WordPress back end I have not changed. Also, I observed this problem in 2.0.2. I was hoping the upgrade to 2.0.3 would fix it, but, alas, no.

    Any ideas?

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  • Do you have different security settings in IE, like javascript turned off? I’m not sure if that upload function relies on javascript, but i can assure you i’ve used it in IE without any problem.

    My installation of IE does not have Javascript disabled, plus everything else seems to work. In addition, I have observed this on different computers with different versions of IE (I tried it with the IE7 beta even).

    Truly, that’s odd. I’ve used Ie7beta3 and ie6 to upload pictures just fine.

    Have you upgraded to WP 2.0.4 yet? This might be a good excuse to do so. Aside from the security fixes, it would also get you a fresh copy of the stuff in /wp-includes/js.



    I am experiencing this problem too. Both of my sites are 2.0.5. I am running IE-6. One one site, the upload section appears, on one site, the upload section does not appear.

    Everything is OK in Firefox.

    Any ideas???



    Found the source of the Problem …..

    The UPLOAD section on Edit Pages was not showing up on one site but the other site. Both sites were WP 3.0.5 and both were accessed with IE 6.0.

    Everything was fine in Firefox.

    I had installed the WYSI-Wordpress Plugin on one of the sites and not the other. When I deactivated the WYSI wordpress, everything was OK.



    Sorry…. I meant WP 2.0.5.

    🙂 The future is now!!

    I’m using that plugin (WYSI-Wordpress) and had the same problem. I use FF at home, but am stuck with IE at work.

    ImageManager 2.0 seems to work for me here at home, using IE. I’ll have to see if it also works at the office, where there may be firewall or other constraints interfering with my bloglife. It’s a little odd, but I’m getting used to how it works. In fact, for some kinds of things, it will really make life a lot easier when handling images.

    By the way, why can’t WYSI-Wordpress play nicely with IE? Is there a fix?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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