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  • In reference to Contact Form 7 file upload feature i am using the following code for size limit:
    [file* file-868 limit:3mb]
    however it gives an error if file is above 1mb and only uploads files 1mb or less.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • ok some interesting finding after doing some experiments. I have figured out that there are certain pdf files that give an error even if their size is below the set limit. The limit set now is 10mb and I was able to upload a 7mb pdf file successfully but on the other hand there is a 1.8mb pdf file that does not upload.

    This particular pdf file can be downloaded from this link:

    @buzztone: I’ll be grateful if you can try to upload this file through your form to see if it has the same problem or not. thanks

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    Still having trouble with this? I just spent the weekend figuring it out – ok an HOUR, but it was ON the weekend… Everything i could find for cpanel, php.ini, dunctions.php. .htaccess, blah, blah, blah… It is JUST the contact form 7.

    To see if it is true for you too, go to Media > add new and if the limit on the bottom of that screen is about as high as you want it – add the largest tile allowed. In my case I added a 5 megapop file and uploaded fine. Its got to be the CF7 setup as the WP and cPanel allow an admin upload…

    On closer inspection I see that my contact form 7 wants me to input the file size as bytes – so if I want to allow 8 megapops (bytes, not kilo or mega or abbreviations) I have to put in a number reflecting bytes – as in type out 8 million as a number –  [file* your-resume limit:8000000]
    Screen Shot…

    My issue was as mentioned above in my last post. There are some particular files that cannot be uploaded regardless of their file size. Try uploading the one one I’ve mentioned in the link in my last post. Its just 1.8 MB but it does not upload.

    Oops sorry, I didnt see that.. I was able to download and then email that file no problem. I even made a new pdf out of it which reoriented the images, but still sent. Are you trying to email the file or just upload it online?

    Just for my information – did you try it with 8000000 or 8mb in the form?


    Can you send that file as an upload through contact form 7? I can’t. even tried this [file* file-868 limit:8000000] as you suggested but no joy.

    Try sending that file through this page:

    J M


    I have adjusted file size limits to 50000kb for zipped photos and 10000 for pdfs. Still getting the error: “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

    Any idea what to check next?

    @jadenemayla in my case it turned out to be the file itself that was causing the problem. Files bigger than that were uploading successfully but that particular file could never be uploaded. Till today don’t know why however, settings were not an issue.

    J M


    I am still in the test stage of the new form, so I’m using random image and pdf files similar to what people will use.
    Contact Form 7 owner messaged me a key to error box color but didn’t day how to resolve. Mine was orange, so I switched yesterday to recaptcha3, but I still get the same error.

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