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    First of all, thank you for the great plugin!

    I have a couple of issues and a couple of suggestions.

    1. Whenever a user uploads a new photo random text/numbers are being appended to the filename. i.e. choko.jpg becomes choko-58229c7a35b9eb7bc534c494bf909e0d28e622f2.jpg I see no apparent reason to add these to the filename.

    2. Whenever you approve the photo, it takes a while to appear. (using Firefox) I’ve tried clearing browser cache and refreshing page with no luck. It can take up to an hour or more to appear. It’s the same thing when you delete a photo. (this might be a NextGen issue?)

    3. As mentioned in other posts, it would be nice for the email notice to contain more information especially where the photo is (gallery ID isn’t good without a title/name)

    4. Ability to customize the online messages (i.e. Your image has been successfully uploaded) and possibly add a redirect?

    5. The form/fields show up as “code”. I would prefer a custom style sheet.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    1. I wasn’t around for the original implementation of the plugin, but I wager a lot of that was to ensure that the filename was unique. If that’s not it, then I’m not completely sure :D. If I was to redo the plugin from scratch, not sure I’d use that idea myself.

    2. Without being able to see everything, I believe it could be a NextGen issue itself. We mostly just handle the uploading into their tables and such. Can you confirm that the issue is true when uploading/deleting from the admin without our plugin?

    3. Noted feature request and we’re still working out a solution.

    4. Good suggestions and I think we may have something in the works for that, it’s been awhile since I last looked at the code.

    5. Could you provide more details and/or a link to see it or at least screenshots? Not quite following. There shouldn’t be anything stopping from applying custom CSS to what our plugin displays.

    1. I can understand, but it’s still way too long.
    2. It is a NextGen issue that I have resolved.

    Source code shows: <div id=”uploadimage”>
    Just strip the
    tags would work as I don’t want to change existing css for the code tag.

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Looks like I may need a screenshot, it’s giving me the “You are not authorized to upload an image.” message as I’m not logged in.

    Why does need to be in this?

    <p><div id="uploadimage"><br />
        <code></code><br />
            <form id="uploadimage_form" accept-charset="utf-8" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST" name="uploadimage"><br />
                <input id="_wpnonce" type="hidden" value="e927ea7ff2" name="_wpnonce"></input><br />
                <input type="hidden" value="/photos/upload-your-photo/" name="_wp_http_referer"></input><br />
                <div class="uploader"></p>
    <p>                	Gallery: </p>
    <p>                <select name="galleryselect"></select><br />
                    <br /></br><br />
                    <br /></br><br />
                    <input id="imagefiles" type="file" multiple="multiple" name="imagefiles[]"></input><br />
                </div><br />
                <div class="image_details_textfield"></div><br />
                <br /></br></p>
    <p>            Image Description</p>
    <p></br><br />
                <input id="imagedescription" type="text" name="imagedescription"></input><br />
                <div class="submit"></div><br />
            </form><br />

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    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    not sure where the <code></code> part is coming from. The only time in the plugin that we use either is in our example settings page in the admin, never in any of the forms that get sent to the frontend. Same thing with parts like </br>. Very odd

    My bad. I looked on the page where I copied the code and viewed it in text vs. “visual” in the editor and there it was.

    I keep forgetting that when you copy & paste source code or short code that you need to check the “text” or HTML version of the page or post and make sure it’s not adding something it shouldn’t.

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