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  • “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.
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    This is the error message I get when trying to upload a .torrent file, how can I make wordpress allow these types of files?

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  • Are you sure it’s WP and not your host?

    kickass – – – in the previous version of wordpress I had, there was an upload page that contained a field where I entered .tor (torrent), and after that I as able to upload them. Now that the upload section is contained within the ‘Write Post’ page in 2.0, I suddenly can’t post .tor files. I’ve been searching around for a place to load the file extention as I had in the past, but seem to be coming up empty.

    I’m not sure of how to check as to whether it’s my host and not WP…considering that prior to upgrading to 2.0 I was able to perform this function, my initial reaction would be that the host is not the cause of this problem.

    Nick is my brother, he was posting on my behalf yesterday. Any help that could be provided would be much appreciated!

    Okay, I agree that if you did it in the past it’s probably not your host (though certainly you could email them and ask them to be sure.) There have been a lot of problems reported with uploads in 2.0. I refer you to these threads which I found through google by entering “ 2.0 file upload” since the forum search is still broken.

    My suggestion is that a plugin is the way to go, since plugins don’t screw with corefiles that would be affected in an upgrade, and with the mess that exists in version 2.0 there is sure to be an upgrade (hopefully one that addresses the numerous 2.0 issues brought up on these boards– IF you can find them.) Hope that helps!

    I blogged about this a few weeks ago. I found a core file and modified it to allow more MIME types. It isn’t that hard, and I found a list of some commome MIME types that I use. Read my blog post.

    Peter Westwood


    WordPress Lead Developer

    This new plugin WordPress mime-config allows you to easily extend the list of mime-types supported by WordPress.

    Read more about the plugin here – managing mime-types for the inline uploader

    That Mime-type plugin worked fine for me 🙂

    (I was trying to upload ODP files ( Impress)

    Now I can. 🙂


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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