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    Dear support crew,

    I’m trying to move my entire site to another server using your plugin. I have successfully made a full encrypted backup and I’ve uploaded it to the new server. The backup shows up at the ‘decrypt backup’ tab, but when I try to decrypt it, I get the following error:

    The backup could not be decrypted; the following error was encountered during decryption: An error happened at: decrypt.php(94) fopen(/home/ec00sc/domains/ [<a href='function.fopen'>function.fopen</a>]: failed to open stream: File too large

    What to do?

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    Seems the backup file is larger than 2GB in size. This is a PHP limitation and we don’t actually support anything above 2GB in size.

    If you are moving from one website to another it is most likely easier to just exclude some data to drop it below 2GB and perform the backup unencrypted, then upload the data directly.

    Please note that the plugin is a backup and recovery plugin, not a migration plugin. So there will be additional steps after you recover the database on the target website. WordPress maintains the Site URL and Blog URL inside it’s database and these will need manually changing before you’ll be able to access the WP-Admin panel after the recovery:


    Dear Driskell,

    Thank you for your quick and clear reply. I’ll try your suggested solution.

    Great plugin by the way!

    Best regards,


    I am not techie and most of this is Greek to me (so to speak).

    I want to back up my site so I can restore it if needed–easily. WOuld this be easy?

    Question: what happens when it is full? Does it automatically delete the oldest backup or does it stop backing up? Will I get a message that this has happened?

    Question 2-Is their any support for restoring a site? Or do you have suggestions?

    This looks like the best plug in I have come across and I have spent hours on this lately. I hope I found a home!
    Thank you, Mary

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    Hi DazzelDum,

    1. Yes it automatically removes older versions of files to make room for new versions. As long as total size of your blog is less than 100MB, it will use up all the space and recycle it as it needs. If your blog exceeds 100MB, there won’t be enough space for a full backup so the backup will fail. If your blog is less, everything is fine, but if it then grows beyond 100MB, backup will also fail. Emailing support “at” your username on Online Backup Settings, we can usually give a free increase in quota where required to get a full backup in.

    2. We aim to help where we can with restores, but not beyond providing instructions or help accessing backup files etc. We can’t do it for you. The plugin is aimed at quickly creating a backup so one isn’t spending a long time backing up manually every week. We create a SQL database dump file and a copy of the filesystem. During restore it will just involve restoring the database dump and copying up the filesystem, and is usually very straightforward. If the URL is different though it requires extra steps, which is a WordPress limitation. We’re working on some automated recovery at the moment that will make all this a click of a button.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    Thanks for yore detailed response! It is greatly appreciated!
    It clears everything up for me right mow. All the best, Mary

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