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    I have uploaded Plogger to use with WP and I really like it, except one thing I haven’t been able to answer. Inside the album files are the individual picture files. The album files are all 755, but the jpeg files inside them are all 600, so that when you click an image on the site it takes you to a 403 error page.

    Now, I only have two images uploaded so far, and I was able to change the permissions on both those to 644, so now when you click the pic you get a full-sized version. However, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way in Bluehost to select several files at once and set the permissions for all of them. I don’t want to have to go through dozens of jpegs one at a time to set the permissions for them.

    Does anyone know of an easier way? Maybe via FTP when I upload the images?

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  • Hi Brittanie,

    FileZilla will allow you to select more than one file on the ‘remote site’ (host) and change the permissions, so maybe that will work for you.

    I’ll give that a try, but FileZilla is for Windows and I have a Mac. Any other suggestions? Thanks Michael.

    Just installed Cyberduck, for the mac, which allows you to edit permissions. Thanks for the info, though.

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