• Hi, I have a strange behavior with a PDF document, which can be downloaded from my WordPress-site:
    First, I´ve uploaded the PDF into the media library. Second I´ve created a link in my footer-column/widget-area on my Website to make the PDF downloadable. It worked.
    But then, after time, the link and the download did not worked any more. “Forbidden access”. So I found the following solution: with FileZilla I went to the PDF file, right click, file permissions and I set the value to “644”.
    It worked, the PDF was downloadable again – but only for some days. After time the same problem occurs again and I have to set the file permission again and again and again.

    Does someone can give me a hint what the problem could be? Is it maybe because of my Caching-plugin?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi @hbk123

    Can you tell us what the file permissions are when the change happens?

    Is there perhaps something being applied to files on your server, perhaps by your web host?

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    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply. I will tell you as soon as the file permission will switch again. Normally, this is after several days, maybe a week or little more (haven´t measured it exactly)…


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    Hi Jonathan, as expected it happened again. This time I´ve checked, that the file permission changed to “200”.
    I don´t know if my web host is applying something to my files. This strange behaviour is only with this PDF. My provider is ONE.com
    Do you have any idea?

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