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    I’m currently having issues with Duplicator backing up on my website and am looking for some guidance.

    Back story:
    Yesterday my website was hacked, so I had to remove it completely form the server. My webhost advised me to upload the WordPress website manually instead of using Duplicator so my FTP User would be the creator of those files and not the Apache server. This caused my WP site to not be able to update plugins, so I went into wp-config.php and inserted the code for FTP host, name, and password. That fixed it there!

    But when it comes to Duplicator, even though all my file permissions are set correctly, it’s still giving me errors. Specifically —

    SYS-100: File Permissions: Fail
    Required permissions:
    Fail [/home/info/]
    Fail [/home/info/]
    Fail [/home/info/]
    Fail [/home/info/]

    I’m guessing this has to do with my FTP user, similar to how the plugins were having issues. Any ideas of how I can get around this??

    Kind of ironic that the fix for my website being hacked also broke the ability to back up my website… great!!

    Thanks for any help,
    – CW

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey cwendt01,

    Those failures mean that PHP is unable to write to those file paths. If PHP can’t write to those paths then it can’t perform the backup routine.

    The check is currently made with this internal php function is_writeable This will also become an issue for other plugins as this is a very common PHP call. I would contact your host and ask them how to enable your settings so PHP can write files.

    Hope that helps!

    Hi LifeInTheGrid,

    The check is currently made with this internal php function is_writeable This will also become an issue for other plugins as this is a very common PHP call.

    You were right… I just tested the contact form 7 I have on the site, and I’m having a very similar issue with the PHP not working properly, sigh!

    I’ll contact my webhost like you suggested. I’m near positive it’s because I manually uploaded the website this time instead of using Duplicator. 🙁

    Thanks for your help and recommendation,
    – C.

    Status Update:

    I contacted my webhost and he confirmed all the folders and files had the correct permissions, so no luck there.

    He had mentioned that within the past couple weeks that their server’s open_basedir setting had been updated to not allow PHP scripts to call outside the base directory of a website (for example, to access a /tmp directory). Could this potentially be the cause of the errors I’m receiving?

    I had no trouble running Duplicator before those settings changed, so I think that’s a good indication. I’ve also installed other backup software and had the same issues as here, so I know it’s not JUST this plugin I’m having issues with…

    – C.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    I don’t think that is the case. For example this path:
    is not:

    outside the base directory of a website

    The plugin doesn’t attempt to write to any directory outside of its root WordPress directory…

    Hope that helps!

    That does help a lot, thank you!

    I just noticed today that I’m receiving similar errors when trying to upload files to the media manager, so it MUST be how I reinstalled the site.

    Figures… as soon as one hole is fixed, I just dig another one! I think since my errors aren’t Duplicator’s fault, I’ll try to handle this on my own and check other resources.

    I really appreciate your help! My faith in my favorite plugin has been completely restored. 🙂

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    No Problem! Thanks for posting back your status…

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