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    Very new to all this cgi and php business. I think I have mucked up my file permssions. Within CuteFTP I have now set permssions to 750. I can access my blog at but the styles have disappeared and if I try to log in I get a message that I do not have permission to access wp-login. and yet in CuteFTP I can access it?
    Sorry, I am very new at this and will need a gentle hand leading.

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  • skippy



    CuteFTP can see your files, because CuteFTP should be using your user account on the server. Your user’s access to the files are controlled by the first of the three numbers: 7. Seven means “all access, anything goes”.

    WordPress, which runs via PHP, which in turn runs from Apache, uses a seperate user account. This is almost certainly controlled by the last of the three digits: 0. Zero means “no access, I won’t even tell you if you guess the name of a real file.”

    You probably want permissions 755. That lets you do everything, and allows everyone else to see everything but change nothing.

    See also Hardening_WordPress for some more in-depth analysis.

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