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  • First off i want to say really good job done on this plugin. for what i need at the club I’m at this does 99% of it.

    The only 2 things it doesn’t so is check the colour space and rename files. I know there is another post for adding colour space options so just wanted to ask about the file names.

    I might be slightly but i thought about a week or two ago i was able to have images upload with a particular file name and that was it. I tried again and when i upload it now adds underscores in between each word. i see there is an option to change this for different characters but i would like to just remove it. is this possible? failing that a way of renaming the files using the field identifier. I’ve tried the generate filename from prefix but cant get it working so i’m either doing it wrong or its not possible the way i would like it.

    Just want the format to be Title_Name.jpg

    Anyway thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    I’ve had this request a number of times. I gather some older software for displaying images requires the filename to contain the title.

    I’m afraid spaces in the names of files stored on the server are not an option for entrywizard. Most webhosting is done on linux operating systems. While spaces and some special characters in filenames are actually allowed under linux, the code to securely support that can get quite complex. I don’t have either the time or the expertise to do it. I’d welcome help from anyone who does, though.

    Re colour space: most, but certainly not all, images contain the colour space in the exif data. For those, I hope it may soon be possible to report the exif value. But the best you would be able to to would be to warn anyone whose exif data suggests that the colour space is NOT sRGB.

    thanks for the reply Josie. I understand you’re busy and definitely wasn’t expecting you to drop everything for this.

    The Colour space thing isn’t a major issue and if i able to i would definitely help out.

    I can only go by how it works with us but have a feeling most application will be very similar. The software displays the image and then using the name of the file to determine the title, class and name. then thing like displaying the title with the image sorting people out between groups etc can be done.

    its a shame but ill have to see if theres another way of getting this to work.

    other than that the plugin is great.
    thanks again

    One of the great joys of a plugin like this is that the entrant doesn’t have to use any particular filename for each image.
    Josie has explained why any blanks in the offered filename have to be filled, and underscore is typically used.
    The format of filename you want looks like that for DiCentra. That’s fine, but somebody else will use different software and want a different filename structure. I use ImageCompPro and want TITLE by Photographer (including the blanks which we already know are not allowed). So the inevitable conclusion is that you let the entrants use any filename; you harvest the image files with whatever filenames they happen to have; and you design and implement your own process to rename all those files to the format required by your competition software.
    The available competition software products variously use fields for Sequence, Title, Entrant, Photographer, Class. Whatever you need to make the filename format you require has to be implied or has to be collected at upload time alongside the image file You design your layout and webform accordingly.

    Asking the Entry Wizard to handle files, maybe perhaps beyond the scope of the plugin.
    I use The Judge and it does all for us. So Entry Wizard does a fantastic job in collecting the images, then this program handles everything.
    Downloading, re-naming, sorting, and categorizing. Just clicks.
    In other words manipulation, competition and management, so the Entry wizard is left to do what it does best.
    We love the Entry Wizard and The Judge Camera Club Competition Software combination.

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