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  • Ok, I’m reposting this here since I got no response at the plugin forum.

    Manual Scan button gets redirected to an Attack Site , and, no file change email notices since March.

    I was using the plugin WordPress File Monitor Plus version 1.3. Since upgraded to 2.0. I just noticed that I have not received notice of file changes on my website since 3-13-12, even though I have made many changes to pages. When I click on the Manual Scan button, I get redirected to to an “Attack Site” warning page with a warning not to go there. The Attack Site url is http+:// (I added the + sign, which you can remove and proceed there at your own risk). I did not go there.

    A year ago, I had my WordPress .htaccess file overwritten constantly by these same Russian hackers. Ultimately I was able to configure a setting at the server, Godaddy, to stop the file from being over written. In this WP File Monitor case, I don’t know what file is being hacked

      or if there is a setting at Godaddy hosting control panel to stop this.

    I deactivated and reactivated the plugin with no change. I also uninstalled and reinstalled it with no change.

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  • Oh, and the ftp server showed no file overwrites or changes in the file Monitor Plus plugin folder since I originally installed in in October of 2011. So is the redirect coming from elsewhere on the server, a file or Godaddy or WordPress control panel setting?

    And I did send an email to the plugin author, Scott Cariss. No response yet.

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