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    From searching I see that there are a few file manager plug-ins, but I wonder if anyone could advise which provides similar facilities to Dreamweaver.
    I run the village web site ( and am looking to convert it to WordPress. At the moment I have about 20 top level folders for each subject area, many with child folders, so it is easy to find the file I want to edit. Also, images are kept in a child folder of the subject area, again making it easy to find the image.
    Wordpress, out of the box, seems to have one folder for all pages, and one for images, so with a site comprising more than 50 folders and several hundred pages, this would be unmanageable.
    Dreamweaver has another useful feature. If a file is moved from one folder to another, it automatically changes all links in the site appropriately.
    Do any of the plug ins have or approach this functionality?

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  • I think you are a little confused on what WordPress is/what it does. With WordPress, you can create page templates, and then use those page templates on as many pages as you want. So you don’t need a file for every single page.

    Basically the “folder” structure with WordPress isn’t going to really be folders. You will set up pages and subpages, and then you can add content to those pages straight from WordPress. You don’t need to go hunting through hundreds of pages in a directory to find what you need.

    So basically with WordPress, you’d create a few page templates (or more if needed) and then you create pages, subpages, sub-sub-pages, etc, and each page you can add custom content to and choose what page template it uses. So instead of 100’s of files you only need a handful to accomplish the same thing.



    WordPress doesn’t use files for pages. It stores all content in the database and generates the pages on demand.



    Thank you both. Yes, as a newby to WordPress I haven’t got my head round everything yet. But my point still applies I think.
    I have a trial site site I am using to learn with. In the Pages section of the dashboard I have 8 pages which display as static pages and 2 of them have child pages. That means I have a list of 10 pages on my screen from which to choose which one I want to edit. The village site will I assume have several hundreed pages listed here. What I was wondering is how do I find for example the page about the squash club which I know is a child of the parent Sports page. Won’t it be just one page in a list of several hundred? With my curent file system (which I realise now WordPress doesn’t have) I was able to go to the folder Sports and find one file amongst maybe 20 rather than one file amongst 200.
    Is there a way to organise the way pages display in the dashboard to make it easier to find a specific one?

    This is a plugin that I’ve used before, on sites that have lots of pages. It shows your page structure more like a tree, allowing you to collapse things and it makes it easier when you have lots of pages.



    That looks as if it is what I after. I’ll try it out.

    Thank you.

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