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  • I am hoping File-Gallery will solve a little issue I have been having trying to add a simple thumbnail gallery onto my gallery page

    I have tried the basic wordpress method but this provides no spacing aroud each thumbnail

    I have also tried Tinymce gallery which does provide what I need but thumbnails are cropped as opposed to resized meaning some images show only a tree and not the whole picture.

    All seems to look good with file gallery until I hover my mouse over the clickable
    “insert a gallery” blue button!!! as soon as I go anywhere near it it simply jumps up to the post editing screen having seemingly done nothing

    am I missing something

    Many Thanks


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  • @thesaintlyones: I’m just sorry I haven’t noticed that earlier, I’ll try to think of another way to solve this for next version.

    I’ve always had File Gallery box right beneath the editor, so I haven’t noticed the “jump”.

    I implemented this “feature” as a workaround, because Internet Explorer doesn’t “remember” the last cursor position in an textarea.
    When you place your cursor over the “insert” buttons, the editor is focused and a “bookmark” is created, so that when you click the button, the content would be inserted at the right position.

    Which version of Internet Explorer are you using?

    Having the same problem here in IE8 WinXP, with the latest version of the plugin. The last version of the plugin not to cause the jump and to play nice was if that’s of use.

    With the latest version I find the following

    When using the HTML editor, regardless of where I leave the cursor in the editor before going to the file gallery meta box, when I select files and set to insert gallery, it always inserts at the top.

    When using the visual editor, I leave the cursor in place in the editor, then go to the FG meta box, select the files for the gallery, and on hover it ‘jumps’ simply because the cursor is positioned at the top of the editor which is usually off screen (800px high res, so not much space). It has also, at that point, unselected the files I wanted to insert in as a gallery.

    Interestingly, WordPress’s own media uploader inserts a file/image at the start of the editor (at least when in html mode) regardless of cursor position.

    However, with FG it inserts the shortcode or visual gallery in where the cursor is left. So, something somewhere was changed or removed to use WordPress’s own JS which is obviously not working so well.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    I’ve uploaded a new beta version of the plugin (1.7.5-beta-1), you can download it and test from here:

    Please test with any version of Internet Explorer that you have available.

    I think I’ve fixed this issue, but I’d love some confirmation 🙂


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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