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  • Hello, I like the built in file editor but I only can edit files in my word press folder…
    How do I edit files outside that folder?
    I tried to edit my main index one folder back of word press for example
    I moded it to 666 first.
    I tried //
    also /subfolder/index.html

    what am I doing wrong?
    Can I edit files out side the word press folder?

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  • Bump I really want to use this function.

    Normally I use Fillazilla FTP and notepad2 text editor, but lots of time I like to just tweak a page.
    I do that now in the theme editor.

    But I would like to use the file editor. to tweak my main index page…
    to change a link for example the index page I have was not made in wordpress. So it does not show up in pages…
    I just want a text box to edit page thats all…

    the Codex says you can do this so I typed in data like codex says
    no go. Here is link to codex

    "" Using the File Editor

    WordPress contains a built in editor that allows you to edit files directly from within your browser.

    Access the Built-in Editor from the Admin > Manage > Files screen.

    * To view a file in the Built-in Editor, click on the file from the list or type in the specific address such as //
    o If the file is "writable", able to be changed, you will see a button at the bottom of the editing window that says "Update File". Click this when you are done with your edits and ready to save the file.
    o If the file is not "writable", you will see a note under the bottom of the editing window telling you the file is not writable. You will need to CHMOD the file to 666 in order to make it writable through an FTP program before you can edit it.""

    I don’t think the file editor was meant to be a “general online file editor”. To be honest it never crossed my mind to edit files outside of WP with it. I tried now, but it seems it doesn’t work for other files.
    Anyway, it says:
    This online editor is only meant to be used when you don’t have access to a text editor or FTP client.

    Thank you for a reply,
    Here is there qoute,
    What Files Can Be Edited?

    From within the Built-in Editor, the following file types may be edited, if writable:

    * HTML
    * PHP
    * CSS
    * .htaccess
    * TXT (and related text-like files such as RTF)

    I assume they mean if writeable and in the same folder?

    I can edit files using the file manager without a problem. Here’s one hitch though — you can only edit files that are in the directory where you installed WordPress. This can be a problem if you have files in a higher directory.

    Say my blog is at but I installed WP to Then the highest file I could edit would have to be in the directory /wp.

    2 examples using those directories:
    /index.php/ would edit the file

    /wp-admin/admin.php would edit

    yes that is how mine behaves also.
    i guess i can live with that limit its a handy tool.

    what i would really like is a online simple text box to edit code, like a php plug in or something….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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