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    I’ve uploaded my localhost dev site to my web domain and although I can load the site (parts missing), I get this alert when trying to access my dashboard:

    The file you have requested cannot be found.

    Is it possible to tell from this what is the cause and how I might fix it? I get an “illegal string offset” warning across the top of my site. Is this connected or a different problem?

    My wp-admin directory is in place, although it contains only 87 items whereas my localhost version has 94.

    Also, although my images are all in the right place, they aren’t loading. Do I need to change some links or update the database or something else?

    Thanks for any help. This is my first attempt to create/upload a WP site and I know nothing about the stuff under the hood despite a lot of reading.

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  • Is it possible you set your Site URL or WordPress URL to “” and not (without the “http://”)?

    You may want to try adding these two lines to your wp-config.php:


    If that makes things work again, you can remove the lines.

    @senff – thanks for your help. I can now get into my dashboard (I might have helped that process by deleting some conflicting WP passwords stored in Safari) – and some of my images are now loading, which is nice to see!

    But while my slider images now appear, my placed images and my widget images are still hiding. I’m guessing the slider code is in the theme (Customizr) file while all my placed image links are stored somewhere else?

    Delighted to make some progress – although I still see the “illegal string offset” warning across the top of the page but I think I need to ditch a plugin to get rid of that.

    If that makes things work again, you can remove the lines.

    Just to be clear, which lines can I delete – the new ones I just added?

    As if by magic, the missing images suddenly appeared! I had to wait an hour for this random miracle but it looks like I’m cured! Thanks again.

    Ignore my last post – I was looking at my localhost site by mistake. The live one is still not seeing placed images.

    OK – fixed my missing images by editing my URLs with Search Regex; and I got rid of the “illegal string” warning by disabling the WP DB Backup plugin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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