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  • Hey Guys,

    I’m working on the intranet page of my company with the Woffice Theme by Alkaweb.

    We linked our internal documents via a symlink to the WordPress folder and all the directories and files are showing up nicely.

    Though, when I click on a directory link of a list item, it just refreshes the page. Doesn’t open the subdirectory so I can browse the other files of that subdirectory.

    Here’s a screenshot of the view:

    I used the shortcode:
    [fileaway type=”table” name=”MYDIRECTORYNAME” pagesize=”25″ paginate=”true” directories=”on”  exclude=”EXCLUDES HERE” mod=”no” flightbox=”multi”excludedirs=”EXCLUDE DIRS HERE” ]

    What do you think?


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  • Plugin Author thomstark


    Do you have Allow Symlinks enabled on File Away settings?

    What type of server are you using? (Windows, Linux?)

    Is your Site URL the same as your WordPress URL in WP General Settings, or is it different? If different, what is your Root Directory setting on File Away Settings?

    What are some examples of subdirectory names that aren’t working?

    The reason the subdirectories are not working is because they are not resolving as real paths for some reason. We need to isolate the cause of that.

    Thread Starter fschoenfeldt


    Dear Thomstark,

    Thanks for the quick answer and for you helping to investigate the issue.

    1. “Allow Symlinks” is enabled in the Plugin Settings
    2. The Server is running on Ubuntu (can’t exactly tell which version)
    3. The Site URL in the General Settings is the same as the actual URL
    4. I’m going to send you a mail to with some paths as I don’t know if I can put them public here


    Plugin Author thomstark


    Please send to

    I am having the same issue. When I click on a sub-directory, it just refreshes the page and stays in the same directory. Here is my shortcode:

    [fileup sub=”contracts” matchdrawer=”1″ fadein=”opacity” fadetime=”1000″ uploader=”name”]

    [fileaway type=”table” sub=”contracts” searchable=”searchme” customdata=”uploader” fadein=”opacity” fadetime=”1000″ manager=”on” drawerid=”1″ directories=”on”]

    Plugin Author thomstark


    What type of server? What are your base settings?

    [Edit: I was confusing this OP with another one, so I removed some inaccurate info from this comment.]

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    Plugin Author thomstark


    You can send info to the above email if you prefer.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    Are you on an intranet or is it a public-facing website?

    It must be said that I am a beginner. So I don’t know the answers to any of your questions. But I will email you in case I give away data that should not be posted here.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    Here was the fix for @julecasa :

    He was using fa-userid in the Base setting and there was a bug when File Away verifies the user-id.

    To fix, open up wp-content/plugins/file-away/lib/inc/

    Change line 30 from :

    if($fa_userid_used && strpos($dir, $fa_userid) === false) $dir = $start;


    if($fa_userid_used && strpos($dir, (string)$fa_userid) === false) $dir = $start;
    Plugin Author thomstark


    This fix will be included in the next update.

    @fschoenfeldt , can you let me know if this was your issue as well?

    Thread Starter fschoenfeldt


    Thank you @thomstark and @julecasa for participating solving this issue.

    @thomstark: the class.fileaway_utility.php fix you sent me via E-Mail didn’t work. The fix fix doesn’t work either.

    I still have to comment out to get directories working.

    Thread Starter fschoenfeldt


    Any update on this @thomstark ?I sent you a mail on June 6th. The fix you suggested is only a temporary solution which will be deleted once the plugin is updated.

    Maybe you just set a switch in the plugin settings that triggers that line of code on/off.

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