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  • Hal,

    And how quickly do you think a 35Mb file should take? That is a MASSIVE jpg file. Have you thought about reducing it’s size which is possible without reducing image quality. Almost any imaging program should offer that option.

    And some mail programs do have a max file size limit.

    I know it’s huge. This is just a test to find out how large size people can actually send.
    If I set max 70MB and can’t send 35MB there is obviously something wrong somewhere.
    I wasn’t aware a mail program have max file size limit. I know email servers have. One of mine has 10MB, another 30MB and the one in question here has 70MB.

    And what about ZIP / RAR files, I haven’t been able to check them either because of this error.


    The fact that I have a strange mind and read your first line as talking about large people aside, most all email programs have a max file size. For most people, that is not a problem simply because they don’t send 50Mb plus size files.

    The ‘problem’ you are referring to has nothing that can be changed at your end, but rather is with your email service. I have seen some services that focus on handling large files, but unfortunately, I can’t come up with any of their names. You could do some goggle searches and hopefully, you’ll find one.

    When files are too large for email programs, one possible way to move them is using ftp. Another is to upload them to a cloud site like SkyDrive with MSN; another is Of course that would entail some extra contact and interaction between interested parties. A programmer might be able to create an app to automatically save the files to the cloud. Just some ideas rattling around my head.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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