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    I have already made a gallery with 3 images from Flickr.
    After 2 days I try to embed 6 more images from Flickr.
    Links are like: https://flic.kr/p/2hybQYd
    The plugin show that error:
    “Errorplease enter FLICKR correct single media URL”
    What can I do to correct the problem?
    I have old version ( 1.3.40) and i don’t like to change that.
    Can i make changes in .php code where checking the type of url to solve the problem?

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  • Plugin Support Asya


    Dear @imioanninon,

    The plugin allows a single media URL from Flickr. You should create the gallery adding the images one by one.
    The link you sent seems to contain a Flickr gallery, that might result in the notice you get.
    Would you please try adding images one by one?

    Let us know how it worked.


    This is a one image url from Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/2hy94e3
    You can open it to see there is one image.
    Also you can click to “Share” to see “share 1 photo to”.
    All images before was embedded with this way.
    Is there a plugin limit of galleries or images or embed url?
    Or maybe something change in Flickr url and there is the problem.
    p.s. I have test several ways of image link but nothing.

    Plugin Support Asya


    Dear @imioanninon,

    We could embed the links you sent to version 1.3.40.

    Would you please specify how you get those links?
    How do you embed them in the gallery?

    Do you just copy-paste them from the Flickr?


    I have make some tests.
    I have create a new test WordPress site (with nothing else in it) and i have install the plugin version 1.3.40. Next, I paste the above Flickr image link and it was accepted.

    In next test I delete (by ftp connection in original site) the folder of previous installation of plugin and I have install it again (v. 1.3.40). The same problem and message appears again. Link not accepted.

    So, the problem is in my original WordPress site and not from plugin installation or from version or from link of Flickr image.

    The problem looks like plugin cannot accept more new records!!!

    Is there a database problems? Because there are many records maybe the database cannot accept new records? Can database be completely full or very large?
    Is there a plugin limits with number of galleries or images or number of embedded url?
    Is there a known compatibility problems with other plugins?

    p.s. Next step is to install the latest version of plugin, but I’m afraid of causing harm. I have a lot of galleries and photos and I don’t want to lost them.

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    Plugin Support Asya


    Dear @imioanninon,

    Sorry for the belated response.

    There is no issue with the database.

    Would you please verify the current version of your WordPress?


    WordPress v. 4.2.25

    Plugin Support kimabaghdasaryan



    We are kindly asking you to update WordPress version, because it is a pretty old version. Also, please update the Photo Gallery plugin to the latest version as well.

    Thank you!

    Have a nice day!

    Thanks for the advice.
    The site is not mine. I will ask the owner if he wants to make these changes.
    Because the tests have shown that the plugin has no problem, I’ll end this discussion here.

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