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  • I have recently downloaded the most current WordPress version (3.4.2) off of the .org not the .com. What I would like to do is since I use Weebly, I’d like to find a way to somehow link up WordPress to Weebly.

    I have my domain registered with GoDaddy but use Weebly for creating it. I’m not very knowledgeable about how to do this kind of thing. I tried making a website with the .com but it won’t allow me to use the bbPress forum there (that was my entire reason for going with WordPress).

    Is there a way to do this? If so, do you think that you could explain in in super easy little steps so that I can try to get it done (I’m not very familiar with all of the MySQL and PHP stuff)?

    Also, I tried following the instructions on installing it but I wasn’t sure what to put for the passwords. Do I just make something up to use as a password as if I was creating and entirely new account? How do you activate WordPress?

    What is an FTP client? If I use GoDaddy or Weebly, would they be considered my FTP client? If not, who would?

    Is Weebly or GoDaddy my server? What and where would the root directory of the server be?

    What is my database? Is that with WordPress, Weebly, GoDaddy, or neither? If its not any of them, then where do I find a database?

    I believe that I’ll probably have to ask Weebly or GoDaddy this, but one of you may know. Does Weebly or GoDaddy have a cPanel? Or do they use phpMyAdmin or and SQL client?

    Does Weebly have a database host code? Or do I use GoDaddy for that (I saw GoDaddy on the list so I’d assume I would use GoDaddy)?

    I’ll be taking snapshots of each step as I do them so that other beginners that don’t understand will hopefully be able to learn as well.

    I’m sorry for being so long I just want to have all of my questions answered hopefully at one time. Thank you so much!

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  • Well, I just decided to look up “Weebly” using the search tool (why didn’t I think of that before), and apparently it won’t let me do it. 🙁

    I noticed that BlueHost uses SimpleScripts. Could you just use SimpleScripts by itself?

    Could I host a website myself?

    Thank you!

    You cannot directly connect Weebly and WordPress together. The most you could do is to have each of their files in different sub-folders, and link from one to the other back and forth. To do that, you would need a hosting account to install the WordPress 3.4.2 into.

    Most questions you have asked here have to do with your Hosting company or their server. You will want to ask GoDaddy or some Hosting company the questions about FTP, cPanel, servers, or Databases/SQL.

    Here people can only help with WordPress questions.

    P.S. – Simplescripts only installs the same wordpress 3.4.2 that you got already from the .org site here.

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