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    I’ve created two duplicateable fields and some duplicates are randomly not saving.

    A for-instance:

    I Have a list of ingredients, and a list of procedures. If I go in and list 5 ingredients and 5 procedures, it’ll randomly take out one or several of them.

    When I go to re-edit, it’ll only keep 1 of my re-entries per field.

    So: I post. Some of the entries don’t save. I go back to fix. Must do it one entry at a time per field.

    Additionally, depending on how I add the fields, it won’t display them in order. For instance: If I’ve typed out 4 ingredients, and then I hit “Add ingredient” but not on ingredient 4, but on ingredient 3, that ingredient will appear after ingredient 3 in the text despite it saying it was ingredient 5 in the editor.

    As you can imagine, order isn’t important for ingredients, but for procedure, it’s a must.

    Finally, I checked the database to make sure it wasn’t an issue in my single.php. I can tell that the values that aren’t showing up are NOT being saved to the database.

    My best guess is that I have a conflicting plugin. I used to have Advanced Custom Fields, but have since deleted it. Should I try to reinstall and deactivate again?

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  • Same problem.

    add some duplicate groups, publish, when i got back, realize that some of them are not being saved and the other ones are order randomly.

    Can you fix it, its really important to me save correctly all the duplicates fields, with the exact order.

    *autoverse: i dont even install Advanced Custom Fields, so thats not the problem.

    Thanks a lot, even this issue, the plugin is a great option!

    Keep it alive

    Plugin Author hunk


    which is approximately the number fields?

    if you do a test with some fields work fine?

    check you max-input-vars

    Thanks for your reply, Hunk.

    The max-input-vars is undefined in my php.ini file. I assume that it’s set to ‘1000’ by default.

    I have the following fields in my group:
    “Author” (unduplicated textbox)
    “Ingredients” (duplicated textbox)
    “Directions” (duplicated textbox)
    “Finishing Instructions) (unduplicated multi-line)
    “Recipe Image” (duplicated image)

    If I enter ONE entry in each field, it’s fine. Once I begin to insert duplicates I have problems.

    Any idea?

    Plugin Author hunk


    sorry is max_input_vars,

    You have one number in duplicated fields it stops working? approximate.

    you can change post_max_size also check max_input_time, max_input_nesting_level

    check with

    try increasing the values

    Plugin Author hunk


    Well, we update the version PHP 5.3.8 (not including the max_input_vars, was included in 5.3.9) to version 5.3.20.

    Until now I have not had the problem.

    I hope it’s that.

    Thank you!

    Hi !

    I have the WordPress version 3.5, the Magics Fields Version 2.1, and WP E-Commerce Version

    I wanted to customize my Product article thanks to Magic fields 2,for example, I created a group “Titles”, and in it 5 textboxes, and 3 related types. But every time I fill a custom field, when I publish my product article, the field remains empty and it won’t save what I just wrote !

    Is it the same problem ?
    If yes, I’m a beginner with PHP and I really don’t understand max_input_vars and everything …

    Here you can see the website on which I’m working :

    Plugin Author hunk


    Actually hunk, sorry I fixed my problem !
    I first had Magic Fields version 1, I uninstalled it, then I uploaded Magic Fields 2 … hence the conflict !
    I had to clear my data base from mf_ fields and install Magic Fields 2 again :).
    Thank you anyway !

    Plugin Author hunk


    Good moodytryme 🙂


    Sorry I didn’t get back to share my progress.

    I found the problem, and a friend developed a solution.

    What was going on was that I anticipated that a user might “machine gun click” the “add field” link.

    When this happened, 3-4 clicks might be able to get in before the first field shows up.

    These 3-4 clicks ALL register correctly, but they all have the same ID. What was happening was that out of the fields that had the same ID, only the last one would save to the database.

    To fix this, my friend wrote some code so that when you click the “add field” link, it disappears, so you cannot machine-gun click.

    He later wrote code so that if you deleted all your fields, save for one, the link would return.

    Does this make sense?


    got the problem, duplicated field, saved in database, i can see them in single.php but not in admin panel,
    after a work around, i found that in file admin/mf_post.php the function mf_draw_group
    was calling global $post line 108

    after making a var_dump, it seen that it got the wrong post, so wrong post id for the function mf_get_duplicated_fields_by_group who should display to scrip the number of duplicated fields is save in database, so i just removed each $post->ID by a $post and the global $post; by $post = $_GET['post'] to get the right post id, then it display the duplicated field in the admin panel

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