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Fields not being added

  • I’m using the plugin and and it is connecting OK. However if I add a new Group or list of groups for users to sign up for, those lists do not show. I have cache disabled and the custom field I added shows and works but for some reason the group fields won’t show in WP. They do show in the default template in Salsa but not embedded in the forms in WP. To get the custom field to show up I had to create a brand new form and start over. Is that normal?

    It is also not redirecting to the page as noted in Salsa after submission and there is referring information in admin either. This info is important since it lets admin know which form it was submitted from.

    It seems WP and Salsa are connecting but not fully. Any ideas here?




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  • Plugin Author mojowen


    Ok to answer a few of your questions:

    1. Custom Fields: These do not work well on SalsaPress. It’s a bug. I’ll hopefully address it in the future.

    There is actually a way to hack SalsaPress to get it to render Custom Fields correctly, there are two arrays ( $diff_fields and $diff_labels) that can override the rendering of fields based on their name.

    Check out the code. You could add elements to these arrays with the correct HTML for the form element you want to render. For example adding:

    'MY_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME' => '<select name="MY_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME" id="MY_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME" ><option>First</option><option>Second</option></select>'

    after line 54 would cause your custom field MY_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME to render as a select box instead of a simple text input box.

    2. Referring Info / Redirect: The forms are set to use AJAX submissions by default and do not redirect – nor do I handle referring information well. I’ve added a bug for referring and redirect.

    Sorry Salsa Press doesn’t fulfill these needs for you right now – should be able to add the additional features after the election.

    Just to clarify, custom fields do show, its the Groups where users choose what group to subscribe that does not work.

    Thanks for the plugin. I look forward to the next version.


    Plugin Author mojowen


    Can you link to the Salsa form? Thanks Andrew. In 13 days I’ll have a lot more brain power to tackle this stuff 😛

    I have a similar issue. Signup adds users, but it does not assign them to groups.

    I am not displaying groups for users to select, but I need to add users to a group. This works on the salsa sign up page, but not the wordpress companion.

    Thanks for developing and offering this plugin!

    Plugin Author mojowen


    Thanks folks – will start debugging this today.

    Plugin Author mojowen


    Ok! Pushing an update ( v 1.9 ) that addresses the hidden group and non-hidden group issues. Looks like Salsa’s API had changed slightly and I was looking in the wrong place.

    Plugin Author mojowen


    Actually it’ll be v 2.0. Going back through to address some of these other issues – if you’re finding stuff GitHub is a much better place to post issues.

    Okay, thanks for the update. Will check GitHub

    Plugin Author mojowen


    Alright a lot of issues being discussed in this thread that I’m trying to address:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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