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  • w_ dec



    did you solve this, how? Mine looks like this:

    any help is appreciated, thanks

    casey michigan


    No – I have not heard from the plugin developer or anyone else yet on how to fix this issue.

    You may want to try setting your layout to using “tables” under Options to see if that works. It didn’t work for me, but it got it a little bit closer.

    w_ dec


    yeah it did work! but now the page has lots of lines … but will work for now. will see how it goes when I add new custom fields.


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Let me begin by saying I HIGHLY recommend you not use the legacy forms (tables). Those have been deprecated since 2.7.6 and will be fully removed in 2.9.0 (announced with the 2.8.9 release).

    Also in 2.9.0, there will be at least one more stylesheet included (and this will be the new default). This one will not have floated elements, which all of the included stylesheets have now. This should make it easier for people who don’t want to do anything other than turn the plugin on.

    I don’t know what to tell @w_dec since you are now using the legacy forms, but whatever it is it will be a similar answer to the one for – the problem for you is that the computed height of the right floated elements (the sum total of the field plus its div wrapper) is more than the computed height of the left floated elements (the labels). If your form was a shorter, this probably wouldn’t show up; but the longer the form, the more accentuated any difference in height will be.

    So why is this? It’s because there is not specific definition in the plugin’s stylesheet for the inputs. And that is so (hopefully) your theme’s style will be picked up. But if if your theme’s style plus the input div wrapper are a different computed height than that of the label, you will get either wrapping of the form elements (not in your case) or elements that don’t match up with the labels toward the end (which is your case).

    Because of the infinite number of themes available, there really is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. And I have opted for default styles that are less rigid because the more rigid the solution, the more “amateur-ish” it will look on your site. The downside to that is that in some cases (such as yours) it requires the user to make some adjustments and customization to their stylesheet for the plugin to get it to blend seamlessly.

    Fortunately, there is accommodation for that in the plugin. Loading a custom stylesheet for the plugin is not only possible, it is encouraged. Your forms will look more professional if you take the time to customize the CSS to match up with your theme. There is more information on how to do this in the plugin documentation’s section on “Customizing Forms

    Thanx so much for this post! I was having this issue as well & was able to fix it from reading this!

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