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  • Hi there, I intend setting up a community site (buddypress) which also has a book “listing” library (no lending, but will have affiliate buy links) and official site and member reviews (separate). I have begun searching for different plugins (right now it’s confusing) but I need clarity on critical issues.

    First, it will be a multi-user site, and I want no-one other than admin to have access to the back end. All user submissions must be by registered users and via an online submission form with fields provided.

    Second, I need field permissions for different users. As an example, a user (author) can add a book to the library, but only an official reviewer has permission to add the official site review. (Of course, if there was a way to link the review post to the library post that would work?) I’m struggling to learn WP so please bear with me.

    Third, I would also like a review facility for site members to add a very short review and rating (as an example, think Goodreads site, which is similar to what I would like to do).

    I will no doubt have a gazillion questions as I wade through tutorials and possible plugins, but for now this is the most important. Without specific permissions, everything else would be pointless (I think).

    Many thanks, I really appreciate your help.

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