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    I would like to add a field in the “default registration form”, restricting it to administrator (selecting “only specific member roles” in the “privacy” list, and selecting “administrator”). It doesn’work. i.e. it is displayed.

    To be sure, I restricted the “email address” field to administrator, but it is the same : it is displayed

    Where is my mistake?

    Notice that I use the dialog box.


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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by cocq.
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    Hi @cocq,

    It is not possible to restrict fields on the registration form.
    If a user is not logged in the WordPress doesn’t know whether it’s administrator or subscriber on the page so any field restriction is not possible.


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    Thank you for your answer, but it seems I was not clear enough.

    My need is to add a field which is rerstricted to admin, in order to allow him to check later if the registration is valid or not (i.e.: because the member well payed the bill).

    Because the field is dedicated to admin, I do not want to display it in the registration form

    Because it is linked to the member himself who fill the registration form, I want to add it to its account.

    So, the question is : is it possible to add a field to the account which is not display in the registration form?

    Hoping it is clearer for you, do you maintain your answer?

    However, may be your good plugin is not suitable to implement my need ? If yes, have you an advice to give me a better search direction?


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