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    It’s a pity that I can not give the new fields their own name.

    It’s a shame that the field reordering does not work well. For example, in the country, state and zip code.

    Thank You!

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  • I can live with the own names of new fields, but I go crazy with the fields’ order. I can’t make work the order like: city, state, post code, country.

    I set this order in the fields list, and I guess the page loads with the correct order, but after loading It changes the order to country, city, state.

    I tried many ways to set the order I want, but no success. Each order has the ‘order’ from the fields list, I modified a bit the checkout-billing.php file to show the order (number) close to the label or the placeholder, and I see each field have the right order, but they don’t show in this order.

    Did you try some workaround to solve it?

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