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  • hi there, i really like this plugin.

    we are using this theme for specifications and we have 2 language.

    when i use the integrater, layout is not seems cools. and i need to edit it with styles or sth like this.

    what is the direct code to add a field to a post?

    [acf field=”{$field_name}”] it only displays the value.

    i want to make it like

    FİELDNAME (align left) : VALUE (align right)
    COLOR : RED (bold or strong etc?)
    SİZE : 20″
    DOOR : 3 + 1

    in this plugin i see an option SHOW LABEL “yes”

    but when i do that, i cant make anything bold. or a little layout touchs this is how it seems right now.

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    i mean like

    [acf field=”{$field_name}”] this is only for the value, may be

    [acf field=”{$field_name}” {showlabel] (i not an intermediate programmer, just a little)

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