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  • Nice WP plugin that I am busy to evaluate for setup at a law firm. I have this question:

    Participants Database will be used for the law firm’s clients to register themselves online. Thereby we have to distinguish between different forms of clients/businesses that register, i.e. Close Corporation, Trust, Pty/Ltd., Partnership, Association etc.

    From all these forms of businesses we require different information.

    If a client signs up and receives his personal link via e-mail to edit his record, how can we offer a way to the client to only fill in the information related to him, i.e. related to his form of business?
    If he registered on behalf of a Close Corporation he has to provide information xyz, if he registers on behalf of a Trust he has to provide information abc.

    Will this work with the “Field Group Tabs” add-on? The form to provide “Personal Info” will then have several tabs for Close Corporation, Trust, Pty. etc., and whatever is applicable will be chosen by the client.

    Hope it became clear what I am trying to say.

    Thank you!

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    This is possible, but it’s not Field Group Tabs that you will need to use for this, you only need the main plugin.

    The basic idea is you use field groups to organize the field such that for each case, you will present a different set of field groups. usually, there will be one group that is common to all cases, then one or more groups are used to complete the fields needed for the specific case.

    Something like this is best achieved with a custom template, so some knowledge of php will be required. The template acts to control which field groups are shown based on the type form of business selected in the signup form.

    You can use Field Group Tabs with a setup like this, but it’s not necessary.

    This article explains the use of custom templates:

    Using Participants Database Custom Templates

    Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the info.
    Can I PM you please?

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    You can email me directly at

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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