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  • Hello;

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction as my knowledge of php coding is basic and it would take me along time to try and create a plugin. I; along with a few friends; write short stories, poetry and stuff and are looking to create a type of “fiction” archive using the wordpress CMS. I’m hoping that there is either a plugin or plugins together that do what I’m looking to create. The general idea is:

    Allow multiple users to create accounts
    Allow each registered user to upload their own stories and poetry
    Uploads should be in .doc or .docx format as out of my friends, I’m the only one who knows HTML and has a basic background in php
    When uploading the story or poem, allow the user to select a category that the piece belongs to as well as a rating.
    There could be multiple categories for each story; i.e. drama, mystery, romance
    The stories need to have the ability to have multiple chapters
    Allow “reviews” to be left for each story and chapter

    I do have a domain so this would not be hosted via WordPress and am currently using the most up to date version of WordPress.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that does this or of someone who has created a site like this that they could direct me to speak with the creator to see what plugins were used? I am open to suggestions.

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