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  • I am very frustrated with the new gallery.

    Here’s why:

    1. If I try to upload an image to a gallery that is in a post it gives me an error.

    2. The ‘reverse order’ feature I was really excited about because I always want my newest images to be first but it messes everything up because when I reverse the order then go back later to add more images it puts those images at the end. So I end up with all my images in the wrong places.

    3. The order of the images as they are displayed on the page IS NOT the same as the order of the images when you scroll through them. It appears to jump around randomly through my images.

    on another semi-unrelated note while trying to register for this site to access support I went through the most frustrating process. Instead of just plain telling me my username wasn’t available it continued to cycle the same screen to me with no information on whether registration worked or not and it certainly didn’t tell me what the problem was with my registration form.
    Very frustrating to say the least.

    Other than the complaints above I have really enjoyed using and I love it!
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  • With the insert gallery tab in the media editor you can drag and drop your images into the order that you want them to appear. Be sure not to select the random order option, because then they will be presented in a random order.

    Okay I did not know about the drag and drop thing. That is pretty awesome. I know I don’t have random selected. To reiterate my main problem is this:
    I created a gallery like this one:
    It shows here exactly as I want it to but then when you click a picture it brings you to the right page like so:
    BUT then when you use the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons on that page it scrolls you through the media gallery instead of the shop gallery. Therefore if someone wants to scroll through the shop gallery (on the first link) they have to click a picture, go back, click the next picture, go back, ect…
    Counter-intuitive to me.

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