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    Hi, First of all thank you very much for this plugin.

    I have recently installed your plugin on our website: . I have few queries and I need your responses on them.

    For example post, I am using this AMPed post: Kindly open it on mobile to understand my queries better.

    1. I know that official AMP plugin by Automattic is necessary for this plugin to work. But do we also need to install “Glue Yoast SEO for AMP” plugin by Yoast for AMP SEO needs or your plugin is sufficient for that? Glue SEO YOAST AMP also provides many other customization option. Will it overrride those options or both these plugins are compatible with each other?

    2. There is some issue with displaying image caption correctly. Have a look at this screenshot: ( point number-2 ) I don’t why these three vertical dots are displaying between image and image caption link. Please resolve this in future updates or tell me any custom css code for temporary fix? You know that image captions are very necessary to link “original image source link.

    3. I get these three vertical social link: Facebook, Twitter and Google plus at the end of every post. Check this screenshot: From where are these coming? I want to disbale it. How can I do so?

    4. How can we customise the “Navigate” Menu? By default, probably it’s shows all the pages ( non-amp version) which is bad. Because there is no need to show pages here. I will either want to display few post categories here or 5 latest posts ( AMPed version) or if these are not possible then, few selected pages. But not all the pages ever. Kindly tell me the way to customise it.

    5. WhatsApp button of “Bottom Sticky share bar” is not working. Have a look at this screenshot: ( point number-3 ) I tried to click it but it gives following error – SHARING FAILED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. While all other sharing buttons are working well. Please help me ( PS: Yes! I have active WhatsApp installed on my mobile).

    6. All the attached image in my posts are of size bigger than 600px width but when these images appear on the AMPed version, its sizes shrink and it looks ugly. Have a look at this screenshot: ( point number-1 ). While you can see that the size of featured image is totally fine. What’s causing this issue? How can I solve it?

    7. Is there any way to customise fonts of “Related post” titles? ( Check: ) It doesn’t look nice 🙁 Why don’t you add featured image in these posts? Or Is it already added? then why isn’t it displaying corretcly on my mobile?

    The biggest issue is with the image caption thing. Please help me to remove those ugly “vertical buttons” between image and “via” ( hyperlinked image caption). Screenshot: and try to answer all other questions too.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Hello


    Hey dev,

    The point no- 2 (Image caption) and 3 ( Three Vertical Social Link) is solved now. It was caused due to Elegant Themes Monarch Plugin. So, I disabled it and now it’s working fine.

    Please have a look at other above-written points now. Specially about why “Images” under post are smaller in size ( these are 600px+ width images and it must cover full width of mobile just like featured image ) and why Whatsapp button in sticky share bar is not working.

    Thank you.

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