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    I’m very happy to find your plugin- I’m a web developer and our company is looking into solutions for a client that runs a business association website. It looks like your plugin and the memberfindme service are a fantastic solution to our clients’ needs!

    Two questions- first, are you storing member data from memberfindme in the wordpress db? I’m hoping not as this would allow migration to other platforms/support if the client ever would require it. Second- the client has on their current site a relationship between a “director” (which would be a user in the simplest terms) and a “business sector” in their membership directory. Would there be a fairly straight- ahead way to implement a link between lets say a post or page in WP and a custom category in the directory listings? If your plugin offers some level of shortcode or access to data from the directory listings, I would be able to code in a bit of custom display in a template to allow this to happen and replicate their current functionality.

    Any response is greatly appreciated- looks like a fantastic tool!


    Virgil Rockford

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    Hi Virgil!

    Member and event data is stored on MemberFindMe, so it will be portable to other platforms in the future. You can use HTML widgets on any site, though it will not support sharing and search indexing because we do not have access to the <head> part of the page. We also have on our roadmap to support other CMSs such as Joomla or Drupal.

    You can create different “business sectors” as labels, and you can then pull up the directory for each business sector in 2 ways. The first way would be to create a page for each directory and use a different shortcode on each page:

    [memberfindme open=”!directory” lbl=”…”]

    The alternative is to link to 1 directory page like this:!directory/lbl=

    The difference is that for the first, the user will not see options to filter by a different business sector, while with the second the user will see options to change the filter settings.

    An example of the first option:

    An example of the second option:


    Thanks for such a quick reply! Basically the member directory will only be visible to members (at this point).

    Wondering- is it possible to create a two label groups, and assign a member to both those groups- the member doing so during the sign-up process? The client also has their directory members grouped by region, so there would be two categories of label: business sector and region.

    I want to give them a better experience for navigating the directory listings than what they have currently, so creating a navigation structure won’t be a big deal. I just want to make sure we can offer their current member organization structure. As well they currently have over 220 members, so some kind of pagination will be required. (or ajax loading would be cool too!).

    You guys rock- thanks again for your reply.

    Oh- one last thing. The client currently has the ability to accept PO’s for membership payments- I imagine they then update the billing status of the member manually. Is this something that could be done? They ask the member for a PO number when they sign up.


    Plugin Author MembershipWorks


    Hi Virgil!

    You can have a geographic search in conjunction with the label search, though the user interface would require some work on your part. I do not have an example, but here is a directory with geographic search combined with keyword search:


    Or you can direct users to use the “options” button (which you can rename) on the directory if they want to search by area.

    You can enable the offline billing option for a membership level, and collect the PO number as a custom field. The administrator would then update the membership expiration/renewal date accordingly when the PO is verified/received.

    FYI you can signup for our 50 member/account plan on our website, this is a free plan that will let you explore all our functionality and access all the documentation. And when you’re ready we can upgrade that account for the number of accounts/members you need.

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