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  • Dear Kreg.
    I must thank you immensely for this fantastic plugin. I love how clean, neat, and customizable it is. You just thought about everything and added it to the plugin. You are really a talented developer man. I have just made a small donation (coming from iceq – hotmail . co . uk) as a token of gratitude for your great work.

    These are questions and suggestions that will make the plugin the perfectest plugin, I hope you can tell me how to implement them or that you are willing to add them soon 🙂

    0- Confirmation message: I noticed that if “Confirmation” is activated, the message the is displayed by default (thank you, your signature has been added, or something like that) is the same message that appears when confirmation isn’t active, which doesn’t make sense because the signer has to know that he has to click the confirmation link.
    We can customize that text, I know, but then if for another petition I do not want confirmation, I’ll have to change the text again. So best is to have to configurations, one for when confirmation is active, another when it is not.

    0-B, confirmation position: When the visitor submits the signature, the confirmation message (inside the greet triangle) appears on top of the petition form, which might not be noticed in a small-width form. Why not appear right there next to or in place of the “Sign Now” button?

    1- Separate Signatures list: How can I have the signatures list be displayed separately in a new window when a certain link is clicked? I don’t want the list to appear by default to speed up page load, but want to allow users to see it if they want. I noticed there’s a “[Signatures]” under the signature text in that popup window, but not sure that that represents or means, as after adding signatures, it just remains like that.

    2- Hidden custom field: How can I set a specific custom field to be hidden after being submitted? I mean, I want the signers to see the field, but when they submit, only their names, city, etc, appear in the sigs list, while that custom field (like, their ID number) is not printed in the list, for privacy reasons, but which would be necessary for the petition?
    That’s a very important feature, in my opinion.

    3- Signatures list link: Is there a way to “link” the WordPress post which the petition is inserted into, with the signatures number?
    My WP theme displays the posts in the category called “petitions”. When the category is displayed, the last petitions titles appear, and with them the excerpt of the petition that I manually added to the post settings. When the visitor clicks the post’s title, he goes to the full post page where he sees the petition form.
    What I want to do is to have the number of sigs of the petition inside each post, to be printed somewhere under the excerpt, in the categories (or archives, or the index) page.
    I hope I made it clear.

    4- The petition text: Is there a way to embed the petition text inside the petition and not as a pop-up? You know that this is important for SEO reasons. I know what I can do is paste the text to the WP post’s normal editor, and leave the petition’s text area empty, but that will show the text outside of the petition’s nice frame.
    I hope that can be done.

    5- Secret question: I hope there’s a way to set a anti-robot custom question that the signer has to provide the correct answer for, before his signature is accepted. This is important because it allows us to disable confirmation. People hate that they have to confirm via email, and if there was a secret question, it will be perfect !!

    6- Can the signature goal (like:”10 signatures out of required 100″), and expiry date be displayed after the signatures progress bar ?

    7- Return URL: how can I set the return url to automatically be the url of the post/page where the petition is hosted?

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  • Something else:
    Manual-confirm: I hope there’s a chance one can manually confirm signatures. After testing one petition with the plugin, I saw that many users didn’t confirm their signatures via email link, although their email addresses are valid.
    So a manual-confirmation here is vital !

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    Hi, Thanks for the donation! I’ll see if I can answer some of these questions…

    0 – Might possibly add a per petition customizable success message in the future, but it’s not a top priority now.

    0B – You can move the response div down to just above the buttons if you like. It’s currently in includes/emailpetition.php at line 68:

    <div class="dk-speakup-response"></div>

    1 – I’m not planning to add this, but if you know how to pop up a window, you can include the signaturelist shortcode in the page that appears there

    2 – You can select which columns display in the sgnaturelist on the plugin’s settings page. Look under the Signature List tab at the Columns setting. I believe custom field is not displayed by default.

    3 – you can display the signatures count for a petition wherever you like using the signaturecount shortcode. More info at the bottom of this page.

    [signaturecount id="3"]

    4 – the petition text is always present on the page and is readable by search engines. Whether it displays by default or only when you click the popup link is purely a matter of the theme you use. Try switching to the “basic” theme to see it shown by default

    5 – Confirmations are not there to protect against robot spam. They are there to keep humans from manually signing the petition with false information. They also provide a means of complying with double-opt-in laws for adding a signee to a mailing list. You shouldn’t be getting robot spam with this plugin regardless of whether you use confirmations

    6 – I’m not planning to add this at the moment, but you should be able to add it yourself to the appropriate place in the form in emailpetition.php usisng $petition->goal

    7 – The plugin is entirely ignorant of which post or pages you’ve placed the petition form on. This is the nature of shortcodes and widgets… they could be on any page or they could be on all pages. THere’s no way of automatically guessing what the proper return URL would be.

    8 – people have asked for this a lot, but I don’t think I’ll add it. Having a manual confirm defeats the whole purpose of confirmations. If you don’t want to require people to click the link in their email, then don’t turn on the confirmations option. Again, confirmations is not there to protect against robot spam.

    Thanks alot Kreg for taking the time to respond. Please allow me to further comment on your comments on some of the points, with their relevant numbers:

    0- I don’t think a “customizable success message” is necessary, but two, one for confirmation-enabled and one for confirmation-disabled, is important. Imagine if I have one petition that needs confirmation and another which doesn’t, the success message will always be misleading for one of them !

    0b – Success message location: Thanks, I managed to move the code and after some testing, I found that best location to put it is to place it above these lines (inside includes/emailpetition.php) :

    <div class="dk-speakup-progress-wrap">
    <div class="dk-speakup-signature-count">
    <span>' . number_format( $petition->signatures )

    4- Petition text: Indeed, I switched themes and the text appeared ! But what could be preventing it from appearing in my default thene? Kindly, have a look:

    5- Secret question: Okay, so can you please tell me how the plugin filters out robot spam ?

    6- So I just put “$petition->goal” where I want the number of required signatures to appear, as is?

    8- Manual Confirmation: I totally understand what you mean, but as I said, sometimes there’s a need to do it, when people do not get the confirmation email at all (for many possible reasons).

    New : Question 1 : If I want to pay you to do some of the customizations above, or other things that I want to be available in the plugin, is that possible?

    Question 2: Is there a way I can merge the DB of the old similar “WordPress Petition Plugin” with the DB of your plugin, and have the older petitions be displayed as if they were made using SpeakUp ?

    Kreg Wallace I would appreciate it if you could please address my further questions above 🙂

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