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    Hi, great theme, I’m good at coding HTML and CSS but I have no PHP skills so to me blankslate gives me the ability to make a template from scratch.

    1/ I’m thinking I’m doing it right: install blankslate, then rename the theme into mytheme and edit those files, yea? So I start with blankslate, but thats just a starting point and at no time do I ever worry about upgrading to later versions, is that right? (I started before version 3 was released.)

    2/ So then, why is the name ‘blankslate’ referred to in many of the php pages? Lines like: <?php _e( ‘Category Archives:’, ‘blankslate’ ) ?>
    I’ve tried renaming some and it appears to make no difference?

    3/ Got a problem with the category page; only showing one post, and the sidebar and footer are missing. The archive pages work as normal. I haven’t touched the category.php so what’s the problem?

    The site I’m working on currently is cameronthomas dot co dot UK slash test. The category problem page is slash ‘news’ to list the news category; or at least thats what its supposed to do…

    Chris : )

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    User followed up officially here:

    TidyThemes… does BlankSlate support jQuery? If so, what version? If not, what do I do?

    Theme Author TidyThemes


    Yes, that’s one of the purposes of BlankSlate. It is a blank slate and should be completely compatible with everything.

    It’s clean, valid HTML and PHP (with a CSS reset), and should fully work with any and all coding languages, CSS, JS/jQuery and plugins.

    Conflicts that may arise would likely be the same for any other theme and would be more about the scripts/plugins you’re adding conflicting with each other or the browser being used to view that site and have little to nothing to do with the theme itself.

    As long as you’re using a Linux server with PHP5+, BlankSlate is pretty much neutral to the whole web design process.

    Think of it like top notch professionals building the foundation of a house, that’s no guarantee that the framers and electricians that come in after aren’t going to do shoddy work.

    If this house ended up being ugly or faulty, the foundation below is still strong with it’s integrity intact.

    Theme Author TidyThemes


    Version 4.0 is here:

    Let us know what you think here:

    TidyThemes Sucks!

    Thanks, TidyThemes

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