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    Hi @bizfound,

    I am contemplating to purchase your pro version, however, I would like to inquire a few things before I proceed. I am planning to use this as one of the plugin for my organizational learning module. We have new comer quite frequently, so instead of having my training department busy with training newbies everyday, I want them to focus on creating content and the newbies can do e-learning. So here’s my questions:

    1. Can a staff draft a content, and then submit it to review by the training manager, and if it is acceptable the manager can approve of it and publish it in appropriate section/page? (Sort of like create post by staff, post goes into review by manager, manager approves and insert it into a page)

    2. Each department has different training module. Hence, it is vital that each manager knows the progress of training before assigning heavy work to them (i.e. In Finance, AP/AR comes before General Accounting). Thus, can the manager observe the training completion rate for their respective department, and me to oversee the whole training progress in a company as a whole? (Manager need branch view, while I need only the big picture)

    3. Is the reporting function for Manager front-end compatible? I prefer the managers to just login to a dashboard that can view through everything. I have other WP plugins i.e. leave management, timesheet management etc and they are all managed by each managers through front end.

    I guess what I want is, maybe its like running a university: Students taking the courses, Lecturers can view the student progress, the Dean can view each lecturer’s completion rate and as a whole.

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  • Hi there – Apologies, I’m not sure who bizfound is.

    1. For WPComplete, it’s a completion button to add to any page, post or custom content – for reviewing content, you’d have to whatever plugin or WP feature does that.

    2. Each training module would be a “course” that has separate progress and completion rates.

    3. There’s no reporting on the frontend, just via the WordPress admin interface.

    There’s no deans or lecturers possible, as it’s simply managed by WP admins. You can create different courses and assign lessons to the courses. I suggest watching the video here to see how it works:


    Oh hey,

    Sry there. I was typing on the go so wasn’t so sure how the name bizfound pops up. Anyway, thanks for the clarification! I will bring it up with my training manager n partners to see how it goes.

    Thank you!

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