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    First I like the simplicity. That’s the right way to do it.

    I’ve activated the plugin Network wide on the Multisite installation. I’ve noticed few problems after the testing:

    1. it doesn’t work with cache plugins. Actually I use the Quick Cache, but I suppose it would be the same with other cache plugins. It registers the first hit, but at that time the page will be cached and other visits won’t be noticed by WP Power Stats.

    2. Pretty much inaccurate stats. First I deactivated the caching plugin, but everything is quite untrue.

    – I visit the site from the proxy ( it shows the visitors count always as 1, though pageviews are increasing properly.

    – I visit the site through the mobile or tablet, pageviews are increasing but for Devices it shows – 100% desktop.

    I didn’t test other options.

    I’m ready to troubleshoot with your guidance, if you would like to help.

    However, if we make this to work I would like to know is there a plan to show global stats on Multiste to Super Admin? It’s quite essential to me.
    Also it would be great to have global settings on the Multisite, instead of per site… but I could live without that.


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  • Plugin Author artifex404


    Hello Sloba,

    Thank you for your very helpful post and your effort to make this plugin better.

    I’ll go answering your questions in order.

    1. The problem with cache plugins, is that usually they generate a static html files, which does not call WordPress back-end. That way the statistics aggregation functions are not called. This will be fixed in WP Power Stats new version 2.0. I will include not only a back-end logging, but also a JS client-side tracking.

    2. The visits are not increasing due to the fact, you use the same browser and machine. That is the wanted behavior to track only unique visitors. If you delete your cookies, the visit count will also increase.

    I will investigate and test mobile and tablet visits.

    Showing global stats to multisite super admin sounds like a good idea. I will give it a thought.

    Hi Artifex404,

    thanks for your prompt response, appreciated very much.

    I have to say I didn’t use the same browser. Actually I used the incognito window of the same browser but also another browser. I’ve visited the site on tablet, which is completely other device, but the visitors count stayed at 1.

    Unless WP Power Stat is using both parameters, IP and cookie, then it’s wrong reporting in my case.

    I’ve to add one more thing I’ve noticed. Visitor map doesn’t highlight any country to me.

    Yes, in my experience with other plugins switching to JS tracking would fix the issue with caching plugins.

    I hope you can answer approximately when the 2.0 version can be expected. I understand it’s not the easiest thing to tell, but is it something counted in days, weeks, months?
    Would the JS tracking have impact on better detection of other parameters (devices, visitor map…)?

    I’ve noticed you are really active in supporting your plugin, which isn’t always the case. I hope you can think something to monetize this project since I think the worst thing is having the plugin’s author abandon the project after some time, which happens a lot. Offering the light and Pro versions may be a good approach. I know many people are just for free when it comes to WordPress, but again it would be the worst if the plugin’s maintenance is abandoned. Especially with stats, it isn’t east to find a good effective solution.


    Plugin Author artifex404


    I believe that it’s the IP exclusion that is still not working as is supposed to.

    The version 2.0 is expected to be released from 2 to 4 months, still a lot of work to be done, while supporting current version.

    I’m not yet thinking about monetizing this project, first I want to build a stable & great plugin, then I will think about some more motivation to continuing support and development. Do not worry, I’m not abandoning the project.

    A review and rating will be highly appreciated.

    It’s good to ask for the review since most of the time you install the plugin and it never comes to your mind even though it’s not too much time to put few sentences. However, I won’t review it for now, until the 2.0 version is available. This is simply because I like the lightweight approach and would like to give it high stars, but in my environment many parameters do not work, as reported in this thread. Basically I do not know how would I explain my review at the moment. A lot of expectations but not mature yet. Simply better to wait newer version. Hopefully the JS tracking will sort it out.

    I’ll turn to other statistics solution for now since i cannot wait that long until the new version is available, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on your plugin and eagerly waiting the improvements.

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