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    I just started testing out Yellow Pencil after being a Microthemer fan for so long. I love the Yellow pencil UI/UX but after a few hours testing on a site, I found a few issues that in my opinion needs to be improved/fixed.

    1. Using premium feature in paid version – great idea allowing users of the free version to test out what is possible with the pro version but then the approach can easily lead to user frustration because after testing and trying to save your style changes, you get the nagging pop up asking you to upgrade in other to save the changes. While this in itself is not a problem, the challenge is that yellow pencil does not tell you what pro styles you need to clean up in order for you to save your changes. It will be great if there is a visual indicator for users to know which pro styles they have used so it is easily cleaned out before saving. Better still, why not add a remove pro styles button on the nagging screen, so it is easy to clean out the css that are specific to pro version after you see what you can do with the pro version.
    2. In line with above, yellow pencil is missing the visual indicator to let you know which css group you have added to your page. You have to keep opening each style group to see or remember what settings you have applied. It can be very inefficient if you try to locate the settings you have changed. While this may be a piece of cake for tenured designers by looking at the css code panel, casual users or non designers may not have a clue what the css styles even mean. So a visual indicator as simple as adding a bold or color to that style group (So say for example, I added a margin-left to a section or element on my page, then the next time I select the section or element on the page, then yellow pencil should highlight the margin panel so it is easy to know that that style is already applied). Doing this can help users know which panel has styles applied.
    3. In the intro video for yellow pencil, it is claimed that you can drag page elements or sections around and relocate them on the page. Unless, I am missing something here, I was unable to test this. I am assuming this is a pro-only feature, but this was not clearly stated in the YP vide
    4. I agree with other posters here that the responsive settings is a bit unclear. When you enable responsive setting on the left toolbar of YP, it is not immediately clear how to change styles for different breakpoints. The breakpoint you are changing is lost in the small tagline below the page canvas. At one point, I was concerned that changes I was making to the tablet breakpoint was going to affect the desktop as well since it was not very clear that I am changing for only that breakpoint. Also, since most users may not be aware what the different breakpoints are for common devices, it will be an added value in YP if there was an easier way or quick link to select the common device type from the interface before style changes instead of doing trial and error dragging the page canvas to random ruler widths.
    5. While YP has option to view the design information for specific page section and/or element on the page, what is missing is the ability to export the design info to a document for designers to use as a starting point for creating the site’s design system or style guide. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have the page design info as well instead of individual section or element info. This makes it easy to create consistent styles throughout the page instead of having to click back and forth between elements to ensure you are applying the same style consistently on the same page. For example, I found myself having to switch back and forth between page elements to ensure I am applying the same style to similar elements in different section of the page.
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    Hey There,

    Thank you for your amazing feedback! We added some features from your feedback to 7.0.7 version.

    Especially thank you for your help!

    Best Regards

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