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    1) how do we hide the large sprout icon / drop down from admin toolbar?
    2) how can we disable projects and quotations , these are not needed and would prefer to hide these potions or physically disabled them nice from your admin ui
    3) can each user who generates and invoice have the invoice send from their details and not globally specified ones?
    4) How can we stop users seeing other users invoices and clients?
    5) we have a new user group and everything is turned off (via user role editing) but still all the sprout menus and things like that show to that user – what is the permission to turn it off so that user cant see ANYTHING invoice related?


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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    Hopefully I have the answers you’re looking for:

    1) You can do this by filtering the admin menu. The action to hook into is admin_bar_menu

    2) You can filter the post_type registration with si_register_post_type_args-sa_project, possibly hiding it from view. However projects are so integrated with Sprout Invoices that it wouldn’t be an easy task to simply remove all mentions of projects.

    3) You would need to dive deep into WordPress user roles to manage single user use like you describe.

    4) See #3

    5) See #3, I’m not familiar enough with that plugin to tell you. However, Sprout Invoices uses roles so you should be able to get the control you need.

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