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  • It is very hard to drag and drop a section or module to a proper place when there are large number of sections in the page out of which some are outside the viewing area. When something is being dragged, the existing sections become unstable and move randomly up and down so that it becomes difficult to place the desired section or module at intended place. Moreover, it is almost impossible to drag a section to a place which is outside the viewing area because page does not scroll automatically when something is being dragged towards outside the viewing area (both towards upside and downside).

    In addition to making improvements to remove above shortcomings, it can be more user friendly if followings are implemented into the plugin.

    1. In addition to the handle to drag a section (or even in place of it), each section should have up and down arrows which could be used to shift it one section up or down, respectively. This is how blocks in the Gutenberg editor are moved.

    2. When we click + button in a section, option to choose a section or module to be added is opened in the customizer. But then we have to drag and drop the desired section/module in the section where we clicked the + button. It would be of great ease, if the desired section/module gets automatically added – after it is selected – to the section where we clicked the plus sign. Why it needs to be dropped at the intended place when it is already obvious where the user wants it to be?


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  • Plugin Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hello @t2m,
    I really appreciate that you took the time to use the tool, experiment many things, and then share your thoughts. Your suggestions are very interesting, and I have to say that I agree with almost everything.

    About the drag and drop improvement
    Yes that’s right. When there are too many sections, columns and modules, inserting a new element can become a little messy. I’m working on an enhanced process. The drag and drop has already been improved since the first release, but there’s clearly room for much more.

    Moving/sorting elements in the preview
    Yes, I also agree. For the moment, the approach has been to apply the same dragging logic to all type of levels : section, columns and modules can be moved with the move icon. But it’s time to refine this behavior. I think that the up and down arrow should be implemented to sections only. And we can keep the current drag system for columns, nested sections and modules.

    Clicking the + button in a section
    For this one, while I agree with the diagnostic, which is that there’s somehow a superfluous click, I’m not sure that we can really do what you propose. At least in the current state of the plugin. Because it would suppose that we handle two ways of adding content : click and drag and drop. This could lead to confusion for users.
    For example : When can I drag and drop? when shall I click to add my content ? If a user decide to add several sections by clicking several times on the + button, then what will happen when the user will pick a module or section? Will the clicked element go in the first added section, or the last one, or all ?
    Introducing an hybrid behavior could generate complexity. But again, I understand what you said, it makes sense to me. I’ll try to think about another way of improving this one.



    Providing up and down arrows to sections only makes sense but users, I think, shall not mind if it’s provided for nested sections as well. Adding up and down arrows to columns, however, will not have much value. So, its understandable if you will not prefer adding these arrows to every element.

    In case of + button, however, I am in disagreement with the assumption that having two ways of adding content would lead to confusion. In my view, having a way of adding the content similar to the way of adding the blocks in Gutenberg editor will keep the user experience consistence. In Gutenberg, when we select a block after clicking on + button, it knows where to add the content block. And in case user does not want the block where it is being added automatically, she can anyway move it at the desired place (using drag and drop or using up and down arrows).

    In nutshell, keeping the Nimble way of adding content elements similar to Gutenberg way of adding blocks will provide consistent user behavior instead of creating confusion. Drawing from the Gutenberg, I can propose following way of adding the content elements (sections, modules, columns) after clicking the + sign in Nimble:

    1. Clicking on + button opens up the available content elements. When the user clicks + button in the top ribbon, the selected content element is added at the end of previously added sections. When the user clicks + button inside a section, the selected content element gets added where the clicked + button is.

    2. After the content element is added as per point 1, the left side bar of customizer should automatically change as if the added content element is being edited. (That, is the same editor which opens up when the user clicks on a content element in viewer.) This step is not there in current version of Nimble. Currently, Nimble allows user to add as many content elements in succession as she may wish and then she will go on clicking on added content elements to edit them one by one. But if element editor can open up automatically as soon as element is added, it will become more WordPressy. Moreover, you will not have to make a choice for what to do if user keeps on selecting elements one by one because then she could not.

    I understand that point 2 above may demand a lot of deviation from originally planned Nimble architecture. May be, you didn’t planned it to work like Gutenberg. So you may choose to implement the feature I’m asking in your own way or you may not implement it altogether. But since Nimble is still under active development with many features still to be perfected, I think you may consider it to keep WordPress way (Gutenberg way is going to be WordPress way very soon).


    Plugin Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi @t2m, following our discussion, the up and down arrows have been added to the Nimble UI for sections. This is a very useful and useful addition, especially for larger sections that are difficult to move.

    About the content insertion workflow, your proposed workflow makes totally sense, it’s very close from the way Gutenberg works.
    But I personally don’t like the way Gutenberg handles content insertion. I started developing the Nimble Builder after Gutenberg inception, and was already aware of that aspect of the editor. The drag and drop is much better to me, and not something that the Nimble Builder will drop.
    About point 2, I agree with you :

    After the content element is added as per point 1, the left side bar of customizer should automatically change as if the added content element is being edited.

    And this is actually the way the Nimble Builder works right now when adding a module. Nimble opens the module editor interface in the left panel.
    When adding a section, which includes several modules, Nimble lets the user decides if he / she wants to edit the section itself ( by clicking on the section hamburger menu ), of a module inside it ( by clicking on the module ).

    If the module editor interface doesn’t show up after the module has been dropped, this is a bug. Let me know if this is the case for you ?

    Thanks !

    Thanks for adding up and down arrows. They are really helpful.

    Yes, module editor interface is showing up as described by you.


    Plugin Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Thanks for all your feedbacks @t2m 😀

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