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  • Hello,

    I’ve downloaded and installed this plugin as it seems to do what I want. I’m just trying to get the facebook registrations working at the moment.

    It seems that I can register with my facebook profile using this plugin, however I have a couple of issues.

    Firstly, when I register for a profile I get an auto generated password. But there is no email fired off. So I get no password. Luckily I’m also an admin on the website so I can work around it for now. I was wandering if this was something to do with this plugin itself or wordpress.

    The concern obviously is my new users will struggle to log in.

    Also, when someone registers via their facebook, I would like to redirect them to a specific page. I’ve enabled the ‘previous page’ option in the settings but it redirects me to the home page.

    This ordinarily would not cause a problem but some of the registrations will take place at a point of sale. Id like to redirect the user back to the page they were on previous so they can carry on with the order.

    If this helps, the flow for that part is

    Register for an event > login or register > enter contact details > pay > finished.

    after the login/register part they are redirected to the home page. they should be directed to the contact details section preferably so they can carry on.

    So in short, is there a way to trigger an email with the password created for the user at the point of registration. And can I redirect them to a specific page?

    I’m using Event Espresso and Postman SMTP if this makes a difference.

    I am using wordpress, buddy press and event espresso. The event espresso has some custom code to update new members into a user group once they log in. But I don’t know if this would effect how the BP social connect works.

    Hope that’s clear enough, but if not please let me know and il try to clarify as much as I can.



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