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    Hi, first, this is such a beautiful plugin! Thank you very much!

    I have a few issues, probably my shortcoming in using it:
    1. The overlay text (title?) covered the whole image when the image is small. It will be best if the overlay text is fixed to a corner, or may be to disable.
    2. On mobile device, the image doesn’t scale well in landscape orientation. It’s too big and not responsive to drag. Tested on iPhone 4 (iOS6) and Samsung Tab 7 old (Android 2.6). Both cannot scale in landscape orientation.
    3. On mobile device, the swiping and closing are hit and miss. Not responsive and many times pressing the close mark will trigger (i.e. continue to take as pressing the image) the full screen again. It is better on iPhone, however quite difficult to operate in the Android (2.6).
    4. I can never get the show map (‘M’) works. The only way I know is to trigger it with ‘M’, but nothing happened so far. I checked that the image has GPS data.
    5. Is it possible to have option to overlay brief shortcut keys legend?
    6. Auto start slideshow will be nice feature, as an option.

    Despite the above, this plugin is almost perfect, thank you very much!

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    1. TODO: no configure options yet
    2. TODO: more mobile testing
    3. =3
    4. Can you see the map icon in overlay?
    5. =1
    6. =1

    So I have added things to my TODO list but I’m not sure when I have time add additional features. Patches are always welcome.

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    There is now settings page in v1.0 with various options and v1.2.9 seems to work better in mobile devices.

    Thanks for the update. I was not able to try it earlier. The scaling on mobile device is definitely better now. The swipe and close on mobile devices are still hit and miss. I am yet to get the map to work and I didn’t see any map icon. Will check again when time permit.

    Hi! I’ve loved your plugin, it’s very nice. I’d like to know:

    1 – if that’s possible to disable the file name of showing on the photo?
    2 – if it’s possible to set the plugin to show caption instead of description

    It would be very useful to me, because my images have names that are to internal control, and their meaning is registered in the caption field.

    many thanks and kind regards,

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    Caption / Title enable/disable option planned to v1.2

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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