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    I’ve been struggling with this for several days now trying to communicate with the CMB2 authors thinking the “data entry” would be with their program.

    1- My first “meta box” – titled “duration” – had merely two fields in it – exactly identical save it be for their names: “begin” and “end” – they are both “text_date:Date Picker” field types; HOWEVER, they are displayed differently on the custom post data entry screen.

    Neither have the “repeatable” box checked; but, field 1 has a greyed out “remove” button, a horizontal line, plus a functional “add row” button! What am I supposed to “add” if it’s supposed to be NON-repeatable? Field 2 has neither – it is displayed how I think it is intended to be displayed – a date entry box and no buttons at all.

    2- The date picker seems “in my face” all the time – because it’s unusable to me. All my dates so far have been greater than 20 years in the past and even though your date picker does give a few year choices it will NOT scroll backwards (or forwards) to the year I need, so I must hand enter it! I cursor into the entry box to make it active which pops up the unusable picker so I need to get rid of it in order to type in the date. How about giving us a tiny “picker” button to activate it if needed instead of on its own? OR fix the scroll so I can enter dates back in 1960’s etc.

    3- I’ve tried and failed to understand what I’m supposed to do to populate the “choices” for the taxonomy radio buttons inline. Users are able to add values to a custom taxonomy so I can’t hard-code buttons with those values as “options” for the buttons or drop-down list – if that’s what I’m supposed to do. How am I to get some sort of drop-down or button list for the available choices of a taxonomy’s values?


    4- Where is the code that your plug-in generates from our option-choices located? If I decide to deactivate your plug-in then what about all those post’s entries containing custom fields related to taxonomies? Do they stay around in the database? or how do I retrieve them? Does your plug-in generate usable code for CMB2 that is still available somewhere should I decide that I want to write my own code sometime?

    I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere?

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    1 – This was a bug, thank you for pointing it out, it was corrected in recent updates.

    2 – I will investigate the scroll limitations. If I can fix it at my level I will. If this is something at the CMB2 level I will submit a pull request, and I will add the option you requested.

    3 – This was a missing option which rendered any taxonomy based field useless, sorry for this and thank you for pointing it out. I have added this option in version 0.0.6.

    4 – This plugin allows you to save data in a custom post type that is then used by CMB2 to generate meta boxes and custom field for your posts, pages, and custom post types. The data for a post that has been saved with the custom fields api with a CMB2 meta box will remain in the data base and still be accessible with get_post_meta ( int $post_id, string $key = ”, bool $single = false ) even after both CMB2 and this plugin are deactivated.

    Custom Fields is part of WordPress core. CMB2 and this admin extension enable the use of meta boxes to create a UI for managing the data in custom fields.

    Plugin Author twoelevenjay


    2 – Upon investigating I found the date picker to work as follows:

    The dropdown select field for choosing the year shows the 10 previous years and 10 years after the currently chosen year.

    For example when the field loads for the first time 2016 is selected, when i click the select field to expand all options it shows 2006 – 2026. If I select 2006, let go and then click the select field again it now shows 1996 – 2016.

    With 2016 selected
    With 2006 selected

    I cursor into the entry box to make it active which pops up the unusable picker so I need to get rid of it in order to type in the date

    You shouldn’t have to “get rid of it” to type your date. Demo

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    Justin… thanks for all the info; I wish I could do the fancy movie screen capture like you did – I’d show you that the select field covered the data entry field on my computer or I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it. Perhaps it has to do with the position on the screen and/ or the order of keypress or something.

    However, for me, all the click and move and click and move just seems bizarre and not something that seems remotely good UI or I would find useful either way. Still however, if I can make it NOT to cover over the interface it will be easier to hand enter the full date, probably not as easy as using a “good” UI calendar but there you are. (It’s likely that most others enter within 10 years either way; but, for me I prefer those that program the calendar UI as a user discretion pop-up and not as auto default)

    Thanks for the trouble of taking the time to explain all this, obviously, I would have never in a million years figured out the backdoor approach to what should be an easy scroll process.

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    @twoelevenjay Thanks for taking the time for all the info. I’ll update as soon as I see 0.0.6 go live. I thought I had the most recent update – I only began this about 10 days ago.

    And, I have to say that I’m sure I just missed something along the way but it has been gradually dawning on me very slowly, the scheme of things you outlined. I AM really GRATEFUL for the “get_post_meta” string you posted. I’ll need to try to get it to work on my installation in case I ever need it. I did read the codex on it but tried several variations without success and thought that the data must be stored in some extra file.

    What I was really trying to do is be able to list all the posts for a custom post type ordered in a multi-level UL list by their value in a custom hierarchical taxonomy field. It seems so basic but I still can’t get it to work even after all this – that’s probably why I couldn’t figure out the function you gave because I really want a list spanning several posts and not just one whose ID I know.

    [Honestly, the support explanations given for the whole taxonomy topic are, for me, by far the most difficult to understand and grasp. If I ever feel like I’ve got a clue how it all works – I’d volunteer to write up documentation on it. Right now I’m spending hours and hours just trying to get anything to work like I think I understand how they say it should work. <whine>I usually can figure it out eventually, it's just the agony endured till I do.</whine>]

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