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  • This forum may not be the place to ask these type of questions, do fellow developers here who are primarily deploying WordPress for their clients talk cost structures anywhere?

    My question is not to approach from a standpoint of competition, but rather, looking for some ballpark on the costs for transferring a website from one domain to another, and the changes that go with it (e-mail configuration setup for new domains, content changes to support the new company/domain name, technical changes with the host to move the DNS, etc).

    Do you all do this hourly just like any other maintenance or charge special fees due to the more involved complexity vs. standard stuff like plugins or other technical changes?

    My biggest fear is overcharging the client, just looking for fair ballpark for this type of effort.

    Happy to repost this in another Forum or site if this is inappropriate to ask.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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