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    Hi mtporter,

    This particular issue is one we’re still working on getting right. As it stands now, if you have a $45 fee plan that applies to all categories, selecting two categories causes the user to pay $90.

    The problem is that we need a full category policy in place to say:
    – Charge for each category they select
    – Restrict what they can select and/or notify them that this changes their cost
    – Allow for fee plans to say, “pay X regardless of category”

    These are some tricky issues and we plan to tackle them shortly, but we just released 3.0 so this isn’t in there now.

    What could be a #4 could be something that relates to #3 in that the first 3-4 categories are included but categories after are a certain price.

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    Yeah, the bottom line is that we have to solve the general case, since we have 1000s of users and everyone likes it flexible since not everyone wants the same results. That’s the hard part, really.

    There is a directory extension for Joomla called SOBI2 that people have been requesting a WordPress version for years. Your plugin almost matches SOBI2.

    A few things that SOBI2 has that this plugin doesn’t are:

    • A expiration notice that is set out prior to a listing expiring in X number of days to give the lister a chance to renew before his or her listing actually expires.
    • Be able to select 3 free categories then categories 4-5 are a certain price. This also can be changed in the setup of SOBI2 to include more categories.
    • Turn off editing capabilities until listing comes into that window of renewal. Delete could still be an option.
    • Admin can edit the expiration date via the backend.
    • Admin only form fields that are only seen in backend when editing.

    I do believe if some of the features of SOBI2 were available for this plugin, you could actually have a blurb for the plugin website to say ‘Looking for SOBI2?’

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    We actually already support your first bullet point there (expiration notices), this is configurable under Directory Admin->Manage Options, Listing tab. Not sure I understand how the last option works above–what does the admin see that the user can’t and why would this be admin-only?

    For notes about the user, such as ‘Paid by check’, ‘check #2098’, etc

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    Ah, I understand–private notes. OK.

    The expiration notice described by mtporter is NOT a feature of BD. This plugin only sends an email notification stating that the listing HAS expired.

    The pre-expiration email notice is a feature of AWPCP.

    For the ‘Admin Only’ form fields I have done a work around.
    Create a new form field, name it, add a description which says it will not be displayed, then turn it off from being displayed. Admin can see the content at the bottom of the ‘edit’ page….

    Because I only want my paid subscribers to use the URL fields and I can’t select which users can use which form fields I have titled the URL fields “FOR ADMIN ONLY” and have selected that name value to NOT be displayed when displaying the URL (or link text).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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