Support » Theme: Twenty Nineteen » Feels like a prototype mobile theme and not an actual production ready theme

  • Fonts are way too large for desktop users. I mean like, whoa, these fonts are MASSIVE. It feels like a mistake.

    Shoving all of the widgets into a weird grid at the bottom of the page looks pretty terrible and unintentional. I mean, the widgets are not even designed to fit this way, so it feels really unfinished.

    Featured images are not displayed on posts. The main menu is really odd on mobile. I think it would be nicer to just collapse the entire menu behind a button trigger. It’s currently not a good ux, imo.

    Overall this feels like an unfinished mobile wireframe and not a production ready theme. You still have desktop users to consider, the world is not 100% mobile yet.

    Image captions that are long (like, >10 words) in a gallery will cover the image so you cannot really see the image any longer. Granted, this is a problem on most of the default WP themes, but it is annoying to see it persist.

    It would be nice to see the full post when viewing tags/category archive pages. Especially for media heavy posts that don’t have a featured image.

    Really, the widgets in a grid at the bottom do not work. For example I have a search widget, then categories, then a subscribe form, then social links and it just does not align or look good at all. It feels broken. I thought it was at first. Maybe the intention is to not use any widgets?

    The amount of whitespace in the header is insane when viewing archive pages. 80% of the screen on my laptop is empty save for a menu and a block telling me I am looking at archives. It is just a sea of white.

    Cover images look nice.

    The only way this theme is production ready is if I spend time building a child theme that fixes the font issues, fixes widgets, fixes archive layouts, fixes the whitespace issues, and so on. Maybe that is the intention behind this theme? If so, it would be good to clarify that in the themes description. I do not see what this theme provides for anyone to want to spend that kind of time on building a child theme though. The color picker for the theme is poor, you can’t even enter a hex value. You cannot control the amount of color filter is applied to cover images. You cannot change the background color or font colors. Theme options are extremely limited.

    I would not recommend this theme to anyone in its current state.

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