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  • actuality (live demo/screenshot) is a very minimal (1 column) theme I just hacked up which keeps the focus on what’s important–your content. I was getting tired of the trend where people would come up with the most elaborate and eye-candy filled layouts, but had little to contribute by way of actual content. Or worse, sometimes had fun things to say, but you were too busy clicking their shiny widgets to notice.

    If there is enough interest in this theme, I will clean it up, neatly package it and make it available for download.

    Please let me know.


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  • Interesting and good for someone who wants to present stuff in an uncluttered way. You might want to add a “goto top” button at the bottom near the search dialog.

    I think it’s a wonderful idea! I have a couple of ideas though, if you don’t mind. Why don’t you put more links up where you have Sitemap | XML | Search, and then just put a #top link next to every post and the Explore! section. I think that would make it a just little more functional.

    Thank you jwuster and geetarista. I do think additional links that take one back to the top of the page are a good idea, and will work them in.

    I am not so sure about increasing the number of navigation links on the top by too many (which is why I replaced things like About|Photos|… with Sitemap). If there are too many, they begin to wrap to the next line on lower screen resolutions, and I don’t like how that looks. But I will add a couple more, and for everything else, this is still the sitemap!

    Thanks again.

    I’ve made those changes, and am working on the sitemap to get to all other pages. I moved it over to XHTML 1.1 from 1.0 transitional as well.

    What do you guys think?

    Awesome! That’s exactly what I was thinking! Now it’s just easier to move around in the site and find everything. Love it!

    Great! Now I’m adding support for PDF versions of each post. With that cool icon from the Tango project (which currently breaks validation, but I’ll fix that).

    It doesn’t work properly yet, but this is how it will look per post when it does.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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