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  • Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    I created this plugin because I like the Polymer Project.
    But I haven’t tested all the Polymer elements in my plugin so it could happen that some Polymer code doesn’t work as expected. If this happen write to me and I will find a solution.

    Polymer is not a “common” Javascript library so adapt it to WordPress it’s not easy, but I think that my plugin is on the good way.

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  • Hai ..
    I have no idea how to use it..
    I have try the code that you gave on FAQ
    and it’s work.. a dropdown..
    and what else i can do?
    i am new ..

    Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    Hello mumuhajir2.
    My plugin offer only a way to use Polymer components in WordPress.
    To see/learn what Polymer can do you can look the samples and docs on the official website:


    I have this error with Firefox :

    SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified
    var i$ = document.querySelectorAll(deep + selector);
    core-icons-svg.html (ligne 155)

    With this plugin, do we need to import the component?

    Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    ykaribou: that row is in your script?
    “var i$” … usually $ is a special character, perhaps it could not be accepted from Javascript as a valid qualifier.

    mumuhajir21: standard components are imported automatically
    When you edit (or create) a post and you insert the Polymer shortcode or use a Polymer tag my plugin will parse the document (while saving) to produce a list of the required imports.

    Okay.. thank you..
    I want to report a bug ..
    I don’t know how to say this..

    When i write on the editor ..

    ” Hello my name is blablabla”
    (*new paragraph)*
    “And i am blablabla”

    Then i Publish it.

    But when i see the Published Post, it give me “Hello my name is blablabla And i am blablabla” ( No break between paragraph , just a space)

    When i deactivate this Polymer plugin, everything works well.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    mumuhajir21: that behavior is caused by the autop option (which automatically adds p tags for each new line in the post editor); to work my plugin requires the autop disabled.
    If you flag “Enable autop” option (in the plugin box of the post editor) it will work again as before but you could have some problems with Polymer tags.
    I will think to a better solution if possible.



    Hey, is your plugin compatible with Google analytics, for example the demos on this page?

    I’d like to embed the map on my site and installed your plugin, but now I’m lost.



    Hi Mattia,

    Congratulations for your very good job.

    do you have plan to support Polymer 1.0 version ? In this version is possible to us define a Theme CSS code inside a HTML file and import them. It’s a very nice Polymer 1.0 feature. There is a lot of others improvement too.

    You can see the theming feature in this video:

    Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    Hi tinuviel.
    Sorry for late reply.
    google-analytics component… currently this is not supported by my plugin; there are many changes with the latest Polymer library and I’m looking for a good way to import them without creating a huge plugin.

    Plugin Author Mattia Roccoberton


    Hello Joao.
    Yes, I plan to upgrade to the 1.0 Polymer Library. But as you wrote there are a lot of changes.
    The main problem I found is that there are too many elements (Iron, Gold, Neon, etc.). I can’t include them all or the size of the plugin will be huge.
    I’m thinking to a dynamic way to include remote elements or to download them. But it gets complicated.
    So I don’t think I will do this update soon…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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