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  • Whenever I upgrade FeedWordPress, I get the message “FeedWordPress has detected that you are currently using a version of MagpieRSS other than the upgraded version that ships with this version of FeedWordPress”.

    It goes on to say “The version of MagpieRSS that ships with WordPress is very old and buggy”.

    Is this still the case with WordPress 2.8.5? I’m not up to date on all the details, but this is a security release, so I would assume its RSS interface is no longer old or buggy.

    I’ve looked at the check done in the code and it reads:

    if (EXPECTED_MAGPIE_VERSION != $magpie_version and EXPECTED_MAGPIE_VERSION != $ignored)

    I would have expected the plugin to recognize when the installed version is newer, rather than assuming it’s older because it’s difference.

    Calling Charles Johnson.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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