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  • Resolved BeeDub


    I am not able to set up the syndication category, nor am I able to upload feeds.
    I believe that I have followed these directions:


    While you’re at the Dashboard, once the plugin is activated, you can go to Syndication –> Options and set (1) the link category that FeedWordPress will syndicate links from (by default, “Contributors”), and (2) whether FeedWordPress will use automatic updates or only manual updates.

    Go to the main Syndication page to set up the list of sites that you want FeedWordPress to syndicate onto your blog. (If you have the feeds you want to aggregate in a service such as Bloglines, you may prefer to export them to an OPML file and use WordPress’s Blogroll –> Import Links to import them into the contributors category.)

    Has anyone run into this problem with feedwordpress?

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  • Which problem?

    Syndication –> Options and set (1) the link category that FeedWordPress will syndicate links from (by default, “Contributors”

    The only option I have is ‘blogroll’. I have tried to change it but I haven’t been able to figure out how. ( unless I have to go into the code to do it)

    Also, I have not been able to add any feeds. When attempting to add a URI, I get the message:”no feed found”.
    I realize that I can use a feed aggregator but I thought that FWP was a way around that.

    Any thoughts?

    Don’t worry about the link thing… I assume there is a lot wrong wording in that area.

    If it cannot find the feeds you are adding – maybe the URIs you add are not correct.


    i have installed the plugin and its working perfectly but i need to have the option that the posts that are coming in are complete i need to have few words and link should come in as “read more” i m trying to hunt that either plugin needs to be modified or my theme should be.

    can anyone help me out.

    Hi, I posted elsewhere about this, but I have the exact same “feeds not found” error- even for feeds I know work, and have not been able to get this plug-in to work at all. Any suggestions?


    I also have the “no feed found” error – and I know these feeds are valid because I used the exact same ones on another wordpress + feedwordpress blog, and they worked just fine. Perhaps it has something to do with odd PHP version? The one that doesn’t work is php 5.1.4.

    I’ve tried a couple of syndication options using WordPress and I’ve run into way too many obstacles. FeedWordpress plugin does not work on consistent basis with Google’s Blogger software.

    What we’re trying to do is to syndicate Google blogs with some type of plugin or RSS convention so that when folks update their Google account, it automagically updates WordPress.

    Anyone got any good advice or better suggestion for a more dependable solution?



    I also faced the problem that BeeDub and JohnMark did. “no feed found”, even though the link is correct.

    Anybody can help?

    Has anyone been able to solve the “no feed found” issue? I’m running into that problem even though the feeds I’m trying to add are valid. I’ve contacted the plugin author but have not received a response.

    If anyone has any tips to share, I would love to hear them.

    I was getting “no feed found”. I turned on the debugging in feedwordpress.php by changing: define (‘FEEDWORDPRESS_DEBUG’, true) in feedwordpress.php, and then found that the feed was generating a parse error (although the feed worked fine when opened in a regular browser window).

    However, that wasn’t the real the problem. When I unsubscribed from the feed and recreated it back again, it worked. Now, as long as I don’t change any settings in the feed itself, it stays working. If I start playing with the update values, it breaks again. Weird, but at least works.

    BTW, all this is independent of the debug setting (also, remember to turn debug back off in feedwordpress.php otherwise you’ll be generating a lot of traffic).

    I’m pulling feeds from Yahoo Pipes.

    Thanks for your reply, cabaa99. Here’s what I don’t understand, though: I’m trying to pull feeds from blogs on, so the Feed URIs are like When I check the RSS Feed in a RSS Feed Validator, it gets validated.

    But what I’m finding is that FeedWordPress comes back with “no feed found” and BDP Feed Aggregator (another plugin I’m trying) tells me that there is a parsing error.

    Why is there a parsing error if the feed is valid?

    Finally resolved this — a firewall on the server was preventing the connections.

    @mkgago – can you elaborate? I can’t get feeds from to work either. I do get the post titles and timestamps, but no content is posted. The same goes for Atom feeds from Google Reader or Twitter, for example.

    I think my problem is the same, but not sure.

    on my local install PHP5.6.2, feeds I’ve set up, get pulled in.

    on the prod server PHP 4.3.9 the feeds don’t error, it just says, “Update complete. 0 new posts were syndicated and 0 existing posts were updated”

    Even though the same feeds in dev, pull in data.

    Should I get my prod box up to 5.x or is that not likely the problem?

    Hi jwilker

    This topic is marked resolved so I’m not sure how many people will monitor it.

    Feedwordpress is working for my daughter’s site Gossip Gaby under wp 2.6.3 and the production host is running PHP 5.2.6

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