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  • I’ve just started using FeedWordpress to help create a blog aggregator site. BUt I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem able to do a few things I’d like to do. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of how I might tweak the plugin to gain this functionality.

    The plugin seems designed to display the author of a post but not the blog it comes from. Since I don’t feature many multi author blogs this feature is not useful to me. Is there any way to list the blog’s name with the post?

    Is there any way to add the time the post was originally published & have it display with the post?

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to allow the reader to select a single featured blog & see a list of the posts for that blog alone.

    If anyone has any suggestions about how I can add any of these functions to my aggregator I’d be grateful to hear them.

    I’ve written several times to the author & only received one reply which didn’t answer any of these questions.

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  • with some custom coding…

    – you could easily force-set the timestamp of the wp-post to the original post’s timestamp, then display as you would normally for wp.

    – you could tag incoming posts with a category that is the blog name/title, and then a categories archive page would exist per blog.

    – you could save the original blog name/title in a custom field in the post, and use the custom field functions to print it out as part of the normal index/archives template.


    That’s very creative David, thank you for the ideas. Now to find someone who might want to hack the plugin on my behalf (as I’m not a programmer).

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